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Integrative Health Graduate Certificate

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Department of Health

Dr. Jim Brenner
207 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3357

Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health

(21 semester hours)

The Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health is designed for health care professionals desiring graduate study of evidenced-based, integrated approaches to health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment.  An accelerated format is available for many of the courses, so that the Certificate can be earned in three semesters or less.  Students without adequate preparation in disease etiology are strongly advised to take HEA 500 Diseases. Those desiring advanced study in a particular integrative health area may elect, under advisement, HEA 609 Independent Study; while those desiring a clinical field experience may elect HEA 611 Field Placement, also under advisement.

To address the diverse needs of students, three options for earning the Certificate are offered:

  1. Joint program leading to the Master of Public Health degree plus the Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health.
  2. Evidence-based study in integrative health.
  3. Integrative health coaching.

Below are the curricula for each option.

1. Joint MPH/Certificate in Integrative Health (45 credits)

Certificate Courses  (21 credits):

  • HEA 501 Integrative Health
  • HEA 538 Evaluation of Health Programs
  • HEA 539 Health Promotion Program Planning
  • HEA 550 Evidence-Based Medicine and Public Health
  • Three elective courses selected under advisement.*

MPH Courses (24 credits):

  • HEA 520 Public Health Epidemiology
  • HEA 526 Biostatistics for Public Health
  • HEA 630 Health Care Administration
  • HEA 632 Advanced Theories of Health Behavior
  • HEA 648 Research Methods
  • ENV 530 General Environmental Health
  • HEA 649 Applied Learning Experience I
  • HEA 650 Applied Learning Experience II

2.  Evidence-based study in Integrative Health (21 credits)

  • HEA 501 Integrative Health
  • Six elective courses selected under advisement*

3. Integrative Health Coaching (21 credits)

  • HEA 501 Integrative Health
  • HEA 545 Mind/Body Medicine
  • ENV 530 Environmental Health
  • NTD 515 Public Health Nutrition
  • KIN 615 Special Topics in Kinesiology
  • HEA 610 Integrative Health Coaching
  • HEA 611 Field Placement

*Suggested electives include but are not limited to:

  • HEA 500 Diseases
  • HEA 510 Adolescent Medicine
  • HEA 511 Stress Management Techniques
  • HEA 512 AIDS and Public Health
  • HEA 543 Transcultural Health Practice
  • HEA 545 Mind/Body Medicine
  • HEA 547 Principles of Botanical Medicine
  • HEA 581 Special Topics:  Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • HEA 581 Special Topics:  Homeopathy
  • NTD 581 Perspectives on Obesity
  • NTD 515 Public Health Nutrition
  • HEA 609 Independent Study
  • HEA 611 Field Placement

Course Descriptions:

Descriptions for all courses in this graduate program.

Certificate Advisor:

Professor Donald McCown, Department of Health
211 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center 
Phone: 610-436-2267; Fax: 610-436-2860;

E-mail Dr. McCown
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