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National Organization

The Department of Communication Science and Disorders at West Chester University has an active chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA), which is open to both undergraduate and graduate student membership.  Membership in the national organization entitles you to the professional journals which ASHA distributes as well as to special privileges such as newsletters and reduced rates for convention registration. When you enroll as a member of the national organization, you automatically become a member of the department chapter.


2020 NSSLAH Gold Honors

WCU's Chapter




NSSHLA Advisor

Patricia Swasey - Washington

Dr. Patricia Swasey Washington, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
2016 Chapter Advisor Honors
Associate Professor
Bilingual Emphasis Coordinator
Founder & Director, WCU-USP Collaborative
NSSLHA Advisor

NSSHLA Events & Memories

NSSHLA Walk for Hearing, 2021

Walk for Hearing, 2021

NSSHLA Involvement Fair

NSSLHA Involvement Fair

A Virtual Year-2020-2021

A Virtual Year-2020-2021

NSSHLA Studnets

NSSHLA Studnets

NSSHLA Studnets

NSSHLA Students

NSSHLA Students

NSSHLA Students

NSSHLA Students

NSSHLA Studnets

NSSLAH 2019 ASHA Convention

NSSLAH 2019 Group

NSSLHA 2019 Group Picture

NSSLAH 2019 Wlak for Hearing

NSSLHA Walk for Hearing

NSSLAH Service Project

NSSLHA Service Project

NSSLAH 2019 PSHA Convention

NSSLHA @ 2019 PSHA Convention

NSSLAH Art with a Heart

NSSLHA Art with a Heart


NSSLHA Service Project

Past Executive Boards

2021-2022 NSSLAH Executive Board

NSSLHA 2021-2022 Executive Board

From Left to Right: Maura Muretta (President Fall 2021, Event Coordinator Spring 2022), Kaitlyn Marnien (President), Jaclyn Frazier (Vice President), Kayleigh Deisley (Secretary), Julianna Miller (Treasurer), Alexandra Block (Historian), Elizabeth Breibart (Event Coordinator)

2021 NSSHLA Board

NSSLHA 2020-2021 Executive Board

President Brigit Corej, Vice President Marissa Clemens, Secretary Allison Herbst, Treasurer Emma Brodhag, Historian Emma Sadowski, Event Coordinator Haley Conrad, Event Coordinator Gina Monticello

2019-2020 NSSLAH Executive Board

NSSLHA 2019-2020 Executive Board

From Left to Right: Sarah Duimering (Secretary), Gabrielle Fishel (Vice President), Jeremy Wolfberg (Historian), Olivia Au Yang (President), and Emma Killeen (Treasurer)

NSSLAH 2018-2918 Executive Board

NSSLHA 2018-2019 Executive Board

From Left to Right: Manasseh Washington (Secretary), Jeremy Wolfberg (President), Samantha Fusco (Vice President), Dr. Swasey Washington (Chapter Advisor), Grace Crawford (Treasurer), and Erin Casey (Historian)

NSSLHA 2017-2018 Executive Board

NSSLHA 2017-2018 Executive Board

From Left to Right: Ben Stetler (Secretary), Alexis Harkins (Historian), Heidi Liebenberg (President), Becca Shoemaker (Vice President), and Megan Cartier (Treasurer).

NSSLHA 2016-2017 Executive Board

NSSLHA 2016-2017 Executive Board

From Left to Right: Julie Larcinese (Treasurer), Amanda Getz (Vice President), Dr. Swasey Washington (Chapter Advisor), Kathleen Langschultz (President Spring 2017), and Ryan Summers (Secretary).

NSSLAH 2015-2016

NSSLHA 2015-2016 Executive Board

From Left to Right: Ellen Delp, Ryan Summers, Abigail Wheeler, Nicole Hearn

NSSLAH 2014-2015

NSSLHA Executive Board 2014-2015 

Top row (left to right) : Melanie Riland and Kaitlyn Smith
Bottom row (left to right): Rebecca Peñaranda, Tara McDonough, and Nicole Hearn

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