Aaron Roman, Au.D. CCC-A, FAAA


Dr. Aaron Roman received his B.A, M.A., and Doctor of Audiology degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. He has clinical expertise in hearing loss assessment, hearing aids, and aural rehabilitation for cochlear implant recipients. His research endeavors have been supported by grants through West Chester University and primarily assess the impact of hearing loss on cognitive functioning, as well as the economic impact of hearing loss and hearing loss identification. His work has been disseminated through peer reviewed publication, as well as national and international presentations. Dr. Roman’s primary teaching responsibilities include courses on speech and hearing sciences, hearing disorders, and aural rehabilitation.


Doctor of Audiology,  2017
Department of Communication Science and Disorders
University of Pittsburgh
Dissertation Title: Clinical Considerations in the Diagnosis and Management of Auditory Neuropathy/Dyssynchrony

Master of Arts in Clinical Audiology, 2016
Department of Communication Science and Disorders
University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science and Disorders, 2013
Department of Communication Science and Disorders
University of Pittsburgh

Projects & Grants

Active Projects

Roman, A. Assessing the Utilization of Pennsylvania’s Newborn Hearing Screening Program (2017 – present)

Roman, A. The Impact of Audibility on Multimodal Cognitive Processing Measures (2017 – present)

Roman, A., Keenan, L., Katirai, W., Barker, N. Assessing Understanding of Mental Health among First- Year Collegiate Students in Health Science Education (2018  - present)  


Roman, A. (2017) Assessing the Impact of Audibility on Multimodal Cognitive Processing Measurements. Provost Research Grant, West Chester University ($10000).

Publications & Presentations


Roman, A. (2017).  It Takes a Village: Lessons Learned in Group Aural Rehabilitation. Audiology Today.

Selected Presentations

Roman, A. (2018). Implementation of the Newborn Hearing Screening in Pennsylvania: A Single-State Perspective of the United States’ Newborn Hearing Screening Program, World Congress of Audiology, Cape Town, South Africa.

Roman, A. and Sabo, D. (2018).  Assessing the Implementation of Pennsylvania’s Newborn Hearing Screening Program, National Early Hearing Detection and Identification Conference, Denver, CO.

Roman, A. (2016). Auditory Language Processing in Second Language Learners: With and Without Simulated Hearing Loss, American Speech-Language-Hearing Convention ,Philadelphia, PA

Vento, B. and Roman, A. (2016). Application of Case-Based Learning in Audiology Education, AudiologyNow!, Phoenix, AZ.

Mentored Research Projects

Cunnigham A., Giampietro, L, and Roman, A. (2018). The Impact of Second Language Learning on Auditory Processing, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference, Boston, MA     

Liebenberg, H., Harkins, A., and Roman, A. (2018). The Effect of Reduced Audibility on the Mini-Mental State Examination, Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Course Number Course Name
CSD 203 Speech and Hearing Science
CSD 346 Hearing Disorders
CSD 348 Laboratory in Hearing Disorders
FYE 100 First Year Experiences
SLP 543 Aural Rehabilitation
SLP 551 Clinical Practicum (Hearing Clinic)


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