WCU Takes Action RE COVID-19

As the health and safety of all West Chester University students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a critical priority, the University continues to monitor the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and has been actively engaged in reviewing the University’s emergency operations and its response strategies since the onset of the virus.

WCU’s COVID-19 Response

The following are among the actions that the University has taken to respond in a proactive way to COVID-19:


Student Health Services: Education Awareness Campaign

  • Student Flu Clinics
    During the Fall 2019 semester, Student Health Services held 22 flu clinics for students. A total of 1,428 doses of the influenza vaccine were administered. Wellness Promotion developed a flu prevention video that was played for students during the registration process.
  • Centers for Disease Control Microsite
    On February 2, the Centers for Disease Control Microsite was added to the Student Health Services webpage to have current and up-to-date information.
  • Glow Germ Hand-washing Tables
    Wellness Promotion created hand-washing stations through all residence hall and apartments’ community locations to educate students about proper hand washing beginning February 4.
  • The Stall Seat Journal
    The Wellness Promotion restroom resources provides health and wellness Information across campus in restroom facilities.
Help Prevent the Spread Video

How to prevent the spread of viruses video screengrab

Communications Strategy

  • The graphic has been promoted via social media, web release, Student Health Center webpage, digital signage, & student e-newsletter. The graphic was resized in multiple formats (Instagram story, Facebook post, digital signage, etc), and a link was provided to all of the graphic files so communicators around campus could download and publish.
  • On February 27, a “How to Stay Healthy” Instagram takeover was launched.  Senior Director of Wellness Promotion Jayme Trogus and a student health ambassador shared tips to stay healthy, how to wash hands properly, and other information at the Student Health Center.
  • On February 28, University Communications and Marketing produced posters, flyers, and educational awareness literature to dispatch campus-wide to academic buildings, residence halls, departments, etc.
  • On March 2, a motion graphic video was published on WCU's main social media platforms to promote tatics which help prevent the spread of the flu and respiratory viruses.

View and Download WCU Respiratory Virus Prevention Graphics

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