March 25, 2020

Health Update 3/25/20:

Dear WCU Community,

Late last evening, the University received notification from a faculty member that they had tested positive for COVID-19.  This faculty member reported that they had visited their office and lab in Schmucker Science Center South on Wednesday, March 11, and came in contact with two other individuals.  The faculty member who tested positive for COVID-19, and reports not having been out of the country or region, is currently self-isolating and recovering.  Those two persons who came in contact with this individual have been notified. Public health officials are aware of this case and have advised us, that given the timeframe of when the faculty member was last on campus, there is low risk of exposure to students and employees. For precautions, the University is sanitizing and disinfecting the entire building, and is developing a process for the continued husbandry of a minimal number of small animals in the lab.

Separately, the off-campus student who traveled outside of the United States for Spring Break and confirmed a positive test of COVID-19 recently, continues to recover at their home in self-isolation and reports that they are doing well.

Please continue healthy practices that will minimize the possibility of contracting or spreading this virus.  Our Ram community is strong and our support for each other is unyielding.

Christopher M. Fiorentino, Ph.D.

More info:
WCU Corona Virus Website

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