Pace Calculator

WCU students receiving federal financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Students can review the full satisfactory academic progress policy for more information. SAP requirements are:

  • Earn 67% of the courses they attempt to complete
  • Maintain a minimum cummulative GPA (2.0 undegraduate and 3.0 for graduate)
  • Not exceed the maximum time-frame for degree completion.

This calculator will help students project their completion rate for SAP in order to determine how withdrawing or not passing a class with impact them and/or how many credits they need to complete to earn 67% of attempted credits.

Please use your unofficial transcript* which can be accessed in your myWCU under the Records and Enrollment tab.

Attempted Credit Earned Credits Additional Credits Needed to Reach 67% Completion* Attempted Credits (not to exceed 150% of program, usually about 180)
Previous 0 0
Total 0 0 Percent Completed: 0.00%

*PLEASE NOTE: All units attempted are considered in this calculation. Units for which a grade of W, Z, NP, NC, and/or F was received are considered as units attempted, but not completed. Transfer credits, if accepted towards your degree, are counted as units attempted and completed.

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