Professional Development

Consulting Opportunities

We have consultants who specialize in all aspects of teaching writing, including best-practice strategies; writing in the content areas; writing assessment at the classroom, grade, and district level; writing program and curriculum development. We also specialize in writing-reading connections across the grades and across the curriculum. 

Description: Consultation can take whatever form a district desires. We work with administrators at the central office or building level and/or with district, grade-level, or building curriculum teams comprised of administrators, teachers, and/or parents. There is no charge for initial meetings.


contact Pauline Schmidt,

WCWP, for more information.

Professional Development Seminars

WCWP offers a variety of different seminars:

  • Strategies for Teaching Writing in the Six Traits and Domains
  • Writing Assessment
  • Grammar Matters
  • Writing and/or Reading in the Content Areas, K-12
  • Reading and Writing in Digital Spaces
  • Reading in the Secondary English Classroom