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Writing Project Advisory Board:

Jolene Borgese

Rita DiCarne

Lynne Dorfman

Janice Ewing

Deanna Gabe

Catherine Gehman

Jen Greene

Dana Kramaroff

Matthew Kruger-Ross

Abby O'Brien

Kelly Virgin

Sharon Williams

WCWP Newsletters

"Write Share Connect"


Monthly Themes

  • August: Why I Teach
  • September: Building Community
  • October: Recommended Read-Alouds or Professional Books
  • November: Conferring
  • December/January: Key Strategies to Move Students forward as Readers, Writers, and Thinkers
  • February: Sustaining Positive Energy for Teachers and Students
  • March: Teaching to and for Diverse Populations
  • April: Incorporating Poetry Into Your Day or Week


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