Graduate Certificate
in Trauma Informed Education


The graduate certificate in Trauma Informed Education is a 12-credit interdisciplinary certificate. Its purpose is to support professionals [pre-service and in-service] in gaining knowledge and skills needed to work within a Multi-Tiered System of Support in partnership with communities and families to address the academic, behavior and social-emotional needs of students impacted by trauma. Elective courses add to the body of knowledge on Trauma - students may choose their one elective course offered from Philosophy and Health Sciences Department. If EDA 528 is chosen, this course is offered in partnership with The Child Trauma Academy.

Curriculum 12 credits:

  • EDA 524: Trauma Informed Schools and Classrooms
  • EDA 526: Building Resiliency in the Classroom for Children Impacted by Trauma
  • EDE 548: Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Plus, select your fourth course from the three electives below:

  • EDA 528: Field and Seminar: Assessment and Intervention for Children Impacted by Trauma
  • HEA 551: Science and Theory of Applied Mindfulness
  • PHI 512: Ethical Theories

In addition to Special Education, faculty members teaching courses in the certificate program come from the following departments: Early Grades, Philosophy and Health Sciences.

Admission Procedures

  • Apply online at If you need assistance call the Graduate Office at 610-436-2943
  • Arrange to have one (1) complete undergraduate transcript and proof of a baccalaureate degree sent to the Graduate Office. The transcript should include the cumulative grade point average of all undergraduate work.

For further information, please contact our Graduate Coordinators, Dr. Mary Houser, and Dr. Tara Guerriero at