RAM Card Project

Project Summary

The WCU Campus Card Access System Upgrade Project is a 3-year project to transition from the current aging card access system to a system that uses contactless technology (HID SEOS encryption) and contactless cards. The current system will be systematically replaced using a phased approach all while preserving, and in some cases enhancing, current card capabilities. The project will be completed by April 2022.

This technology will offer many benefits to the WCU community including:

Improved security of access & card technology on campus
Enhanced operational efficiency by standardizing card technology; and
Ability to consider future enhanced uses of the card and integration of the RAM Card for use in other systems
As part of this project, we are excited to introduce the new RAM Card - a new name, a new design and new improved technology!  It is a contactless card with an embedded chip which transmits the RAM Card ID when it is held within a few inches of the card reader.  New RAM Cards will be distributed first to all faculty and staff followed by distribution to students.

Additionally, over the span of three years the project will replace all existing card reader hardware in academic and administrative buildings as well as residence halls. Anderson Hall will be the first to utilize the new card access technology.

Please visit the FAQs section for additional project information.

How to Use the New Card Readers

The new readers are very easy to use. Just hold your Ram Card ID badge in front of the reader for access. 

How to Use the New Readers

Completed Buildings

Building Name Scheduled Completion Date Status
114 W. Rosedale NA  NA 
13/15 University Ave NA  NA 
20 Linden St April 2019  Completed
201 Carter Dr January 2022 Scheduled
210/220 E. Rosedale Ave December 2021 Scheduled
25 University Ave October 2020  Completed
624 S. High St NA  NA 
701 S. High St April 2021 Completed
703 S. High St NA NA 
809 Roslyn NA NA 
811 Roslyn NA  NA 
821 S. Matlack (Warehouse) Winter 2022 Scheduled
823 S. High St NA  NA 
850 S. New St NA  NA 
887 S. Matlack  Winter 2022 Scheduled
Allegheny Hall  September 2020 Completed
Anderson Hall January 2019 Completed 
Business & Public Management Center December/January 2021 Completed
Brandywine Hall July 2020  Completed
Commonwealth Hall June 2020 Completed
E. O. Bull Center for Performing Arts May 2021  Completed
East Village Apartments Aug 2019  Completed
Ehinger Gym/Ehinger Office Annex NA  NA 
Farrell Stadium  NA NA 
FHG Library November 2021 Completed
Filano Hall NA  NA 
Garage - Matlack Winter 2022 Scheduled
Garage - New St January 2021 Completed
Garage - Sharpless January 2021 Completed
Garage - Student Rec Center May 2020 Completed
Goshen Hall  Dec 2019 Completed
Hollinger Field House NA  NA 
Killinger Hall Jan 2020  Completed
Lawrence Center September 2021 Completed
Main Hall May 2021 Completed
McCoy Garrison NA  NA 
McDermott Drive - Graduate Center  September 2021 Completed
McKelvie Hall NA  NA 
Merion Science Center Winter 2022 Scheduled
Messikomer NA  NA 
Mitchell Hall Nov 2019  Completed
Old Library Fall 2021 Completed
Peoples Building  Spring 2022 Scheduled
Philips Memorial Building December 2021  Scheduled
Recitation Hall Fall 2021 Completed
Reynolds Hall March 2020  Completed
Ruby Jones Hall  Nov 2019 Completed
Schmidt Hall  Dec 2019 Completed
Schmucker Science Center North Winter 2022 Scheduled
Schmucker Science Center South  Winter 2022 Scheduled
South Campus Apartments  NA NA 
South Campus Deli NA  NA 
Student Recreation Center May 2020  Completed
Sturzebecker Health Science Center Spring 2022 Scheduled
Swope Music Building SOMPAC December 2020  Completed
Sykes Student Union March 2021 Completed
Tanglewood May 2021 Completed
Tyson Hall Jan 2020 Completed
University Hall September 2020 Completed
Village Apartments Aug 2019 Completed
Wayne Hall April 2019 Completed 
Whiteland Business Park, Exton September 2021 Completed

Student RAM Cards

Students who did not exchange their old RAM card for a new card before the December 13, 2019 deadline may obtain a new card through the SSI Card Office. Established fees will apply. 

Residential Students

  • Students living in residential buildings were given their new RAM Card during Move In (August 2019)
  • You must surrender your old Ram Card in order to receive your new card.
  • Students may exchange their old (classic) RamE Card for a new RAM Card FREE OF CHARGE before December 13, 2019. After December 13, 2019, card replacement fees will apply. The old RamE card must be surrendered to receive the new card.  PLEASE VISIT THE RAM CARD OFFICE IN SYKES STUDENT UNION.

Off Campus and Commuter Students

  • Off Campus and Commuter Students may obtain their their new RAM Card between September 16, 2019 and December 13, 2019 from the Ram Card Office at Sykes Student Union. After December 13, 2019 card replacement fees will apply.
  • The old RamE card must be surrendered to receive the new card.

Graduate Students

  • Returning Graduate Students will be able to exchange their old (classic) RamE Card for a new RAM Card FREE OF CHARGE before December 13, 2019. After December 13, 2019 card replacement fees will apply.
  • The old RamE card must be surrendered to receive the new card.
  • New Graduate Students may obtain a RAM Card during Orientation or by visiting the Ram Card Office at Sykes Student Union. Applicable fees will apply for new cards.

New Students

RAM cards for new students are distributed as part of New Student Orientation. If you did not pick up your RAM card during student orientation, please visit the Ram Card Office at Sykes Student Union.

RAM Card Office
110 West Rosedale Avenue
Sykes Student Union
Ground Floor

Phone: 610-738-0429
Email: RamECard@wcupa.edu


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Watch the President's State of the University Address 2015 video

Employee RAM Cards

For anyone who was unable to pick up their new RAM Card during distribution events, the remaining cards are available for pick up at Public Safety in the Peoples building between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. Please remember to bring your current WCU RAM eCard as you must turn it in when you receive your new ID card. If you have not previously obtained a WCU Faculty/Staff ID card, you should go to the SSI Card Office located on the ground floor of the Sykes Student Union to have your new card made. Employees with Emeritus status may also obtain a new RAM Card at the SSI Card Office.


Will my new RAM Card continue to do everything it does now (RAM Bucks, dining plans, door access, etc.)?

Yes! Your new RAM Card will continue to do everything it does now.  Your new RAM Card will have both a magnetic stripe and embedded card technology. Any current building access permissions will carry over to your new card.

Will I need to carry 2 cards?

Maybe…employees who currently carry 2 cards (a WCU RAM eCard and a prox card), will continue to carry the prox card in addition to your new RAM Card until those proximity card readers are replaced with the new readers. We will replace card/prox readers building by building.  Note:  After the proximity readers in your building have been replaced, you will use ONLY your new RAM Card for building access and will only need to carry one card.

How will I know when the card/prox readers in my building are scheduled for replacement?

We will notify your building administrator with scheduled conversion dates and post to the project website for your review. Your building administrator will likely use whatever existing process is in place to alert building occupants of upcoming conversions.

Do I have to pay for a new RAM Card?

Until December 13, 2019, there is no charge for the initial replacement RAM Card issued through the project. You must, however,  surrender your old Ram Card. The SSI Card Office will continue to charge a fee for replacement RAM Cards (lost, stolen or damaged). Please see www.ramecard.com for more info on replacement card policies and fees.

What if I still need the mag-stripe for a specific function in my department?

The new RAM Card will have both the contactless chip and the magnetic stripe.  All current processes that use the magnetic stripe will continue to function normally.

Will card readers be replaced in all buildings?

Yes, we will replace existing card readers in all buildings over the course of the next 3 years (except Philadelphia campus).  We will advise the campus community in advance of building conversions. Please see the list of completed buildings on this web page.  

Can I punch a hole in my new card?

No!  Please do not punch a hole in your new card as it will damage the embedded technology.  If you like to carry your card on a lanyard, please use the type with a plastic pouch.  Please no holes! You will be responsible for the replacement cost of the card if you attempt to punch holes or otherwise modify the new card.

Time Line

Milestone Date
New RAM Card Design Summer 2018 (completed)
Software Installation November 2018 (completed)
New RAM Card Production October - January 2019 (completed)
Public Safety Pilot January - February 2019 (completed)
New RAM Card Distribution to Faculty/Staff February - March 2019 (completed)
Anderson Hall Installation October 2018 - January 2019 (completed)
New RAM Card Distribution to Anderson Hall Occupants January 2019 (completed)
Card Reader Replacement - Buildings with Proximity Readers February 2019 - December 2019
Card Reader Replacement -  Residence Halls - Phase 1 Exterior Doors July - August 2019 (completed)
Card Reader Replacement - Residence Halls - Phase 2 August 2020 (completed)
New RAM Card Distribution to Residential Students August 2019 (completed)
New RAM Card Distribution to Graduate and Commuter Students September 15, 2019 - December 13, 2019 (completed)
Card Reader Replacement - Year 2 Buildings

January 2020 - December 2020


Card Reader Replacement - Year 3 Buildings January 2021 - April 2022
Project Completion April 2022
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