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RAM Card Project

Project Summary

The WCU Campus Card Access System Upgrade Project is a 3-year project to transition from the current aging card access system to a system that uses contactless technology (HID SEOS encryption) and contactless cards. The current system will be systematically replaced using a phased approach all while preserving, and in some cases enhancing, current card capabilities. The project will be completed by April 2022.

This technology will offer many benefits to the WCU community including:

Improved security of access & card technology on campus, Enhanced operational efficiency by standardizing card technology; and Ability to consider future enhanced uses of the card and integration of the RAM Card for use in other systems

As part of this project, we are excited to introduce the new RAM Card - a new name, a new design and new improved technology!  It is a contactless card with an embedded chip which transmits the RAM Card ID when it is held within a few inches of the card reader.  New RAM Cards will be distributed first to all faculty and staff followed by distribution to students.

Additionally, over the span of three years the project will replace all existing card reader hardware in academic and administrative buildings as well as residence halls. Anderson Hall will be the first to utilize the new card access technology.

Please visit the FAQs page for additional project information.

How to Use the New Card Readers


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