Reported: Saturday, 04/02/2016

The Timely Warning issued earlier today 4/2/16 indicated an incorrect date. The crime occurred on 4/2/16.

If you or someone you know has been affected by a criminal act, the following resources are available to you: (*denotes confidential resource)

Counseling Center*: 610-436-2301
Health Center*: 610-436-2509
Social Equity/Title IX Coordinator: 610-436-2513
Womens Center* 610-436-2122
Office of Student Conduct: 610-436-3511
Crime Victims Center*: 610-692-7273
National Sexual Assault Hotline*:1-800-656-HOPE


  • Report all crime or suspicious incidents.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid walking alone.
  • If your partner says no or does not give clear verbal consent, sexual activity must stop.
  • Your partner cannot give consent if incapacitated with alcohol or drugs, coerced, threatened, or frightened.
  • The person(s) who initiate(s) a new level of sexual activity is responsible for getting consent for each level of intimacy.
  • Limit your use of alcohol.
  • Step in if you see a friend or acquaintance being taken advantage of or trying to take advantage of another person. Separate the individuals and make sure they get home safe.