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Public Safety

Residence Hall Security

Contact Public Safety  

Public Safety


Peoples Building 
690 South Church Street 
West Chester, PA 19383

On-Campus Emergencies: 

610-436-3311 or x3311

Off-Campus Emergencies: 

On-Campus Parking Questions/Concerns:
Parking Services, 610-436-3345

Residence Hall Security

DPS employs 12 full time non-sworn security officers in the Residence Hall Security Program. Additionally, DPS employs another 16-18 seasonal part time security officers during the spring and fall academic semesters. In addition to the Residence Hall Security Program, the Department has non-sworn officers assigned to provide physical security for academic buildings and other support facilities as well as officers who are responsible for parking enforcement. Security Officers receive annual in-service training through the Department.

Security Officers provide coverage in all north campus Residence Halls from 8:00 pm until 4:00 am every day of the week during the spring and fall semesters. Coverage is provided as needed for occupancies that occur during the summer months and during breaks. Security Officers are stationed in each hall and access to the building is permitted only through the use of the RAM E-Card access system or by a resident student signing in a guest. The University's Guest Policy is designed to maintain the security and safety in the residence halls and apartments. Students are permitted to host guests in their residence hall rooms and apartments. However, every guest is subject to University rules and regulations and is the responsibility of the resident host at all times. The University reserves the right to deny access to any person if it is reasonably determined that such person presents a threat to the peace, safety and welfare of other residents.

All guest entering a residence hall are required to possess and display upon demand a valid government issued identification card such as a driver’s license, military ID, state issued ID, passport, or valid WCU Ram E-Card. Date of birth and address must be listed on the identification card. Expired driver’s licenses and other expired IDs will not be accepted. Suspicious or suspected fraudulent identification documents are subject to seizure and criminal charges by the university police.

Security Officers are responsible for:

  • Detecting and then deterring persons and contraband that are not permitted to be in University Residence Halls.
  • Assisting in medical emergencies, fire drills, disruptive incidents, and providing walking safety escorts.
  • Assisting with the locking and securing of all campus academic and residence hall buildings.
  • Assisting Residence Life staff with minor quality of life issues such as noise complaints and policy violations.
  • Assisting the University Police Officers with incidents they respond to.

Although not able to make physical arrests, security officers are able to initiate judicial proceedings with the Office of Student Affairs. Security Officers also conduct foot patrol inside and outside of all the residential areas.

Security Guest Policy



  • Corporal Jeannette Owsley, Residence Hall Evening Security Supervisor
  • Corporal Kenneth Bronson, Residence Hall Evening Security Supervisor
  • Officer William Steen, Residence Hall Security Division
  • Officer Harry Steen, Residence Hall Security Division
  • Officer John Carsner, Residence Hall Security Division
  • Officer Matthew Lanshe, Residence Hall Security Division
  • Officer Taira Holbrook, Residence Hall Security Division
  • Officer Cecilia Escobar-Duplan, Residence Hall Security Division
  • Officer Vanessa Cintron, Residence Hall Security Division
  • Officer Gilbert Kennedy, Sykes Student Union Security
  • Parking Enforcement Officer Harry Loeffler, Parking Division Daytime Supervisor
  • Parking Enforcement Officer Michael Sysavath, Parking Division
  • Parking Enforcement Officer Christopher Hayes, Evening Parking Division
  • Officer Eugene Klecko, Library Security Officer
  • Officer Robin Bowers, Library Security Officer
  • Officer Joe Dodds, Graduate Business Center Security
  • Officer Kevin Griffin, Graduate Business Center Security
  • Officer Dennis Mitchell, Academic Building Evening Keymaster
  • Officer Bruce Taylor, South Campus Security
  • Officer Sloane Mooney, Exton Satellite Campus Security
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