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Master of Human Resource Management

Tuition and Fees

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Master of Human Resource Management

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Tuition and Fees

Our programs are among the best educational values in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. Pennsylvania residents pay an affordable $1,548.00 per course. Out of state students pay just $1,578.00 in tuition per course. There are 10 courses in our program. This means that you may earn your degree for thousands less than at other comparable schools.

Current Tuition and Fees (2018-2019 Academic Year)

  Tuition Per 3 Credit Course Fees Per 3 Credit Course Total Cost Per 3 Credit Course*
In-State Residents (Online) $1,548.00 $561.00 $2,109.00
Out-Of-State Students (Online) $1,578.00 $601.50 $2,179.50


Comparing Tuition

Current tuition for Pennsylvania residents for a 3 credit course is only $1,548.00. It an extrememly competitive rate compared to other schools' published costs and fees. For out-of-state residents taking courses online the tuition is only 2% above the in-state tuition rate at $1,578.00. The table below illustrates how West Chester University's graduate tuition for Pennsylvania residents compares to other published tuition rates.*Note - comparative program costs in the chart below reflect 2018-2019 rates. Current rates will updated as information becomes available.

Current Tuition - For a single part-time 3-Credit course (tuition only for in-state residents)

School Course Tuition Fees Course + Fees Difference  # of Credits Total Difference Source
West Chester $1,548.00 $561/course $2,109.20   30 $21,091.00    
Robert Morris $2,790.00 tbd $2,790.00 $681.00 30 $27,900.00 $6,810.00 Source
PSU World Campus $2,658.00 $189/semester $2,847.00 $738.00 33 $31,317.00 $10,227.00 Source
St. Francis $2,625.00 tbd $2,625.00 $581.85 30 $26,250.00 $5,160.00 Source
Moravian $2,724.00 tbd $2,724.00 $615.00 36 $32,688.00 $11,598.00 Source
Villanova $3,105.00 tbd $3,105.00 $996.00 30 $31,050.00 $9,960.00 Source
St. Joseph's $3,129.00 tbd $3,129.00 $1,020.00 33 $34,419.00 $13,329.00 Source
Temple $3,342.00 $319/semester $3,661.00 $1,552.00 30 $36,610.00 $15,520.00 Source

*Tuition and fees for 2018-2019 for other universities is based on the best available public information. The above chart is correct but is subject to revision. Tuition and fees are subject to change through the course of the program. Students will have other costs such as books which are not included in the figures shown above.

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