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Master of Human Resource Management


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Master of Human Resource Management

Business and Public Management Center - 5th Floor
50 Sharpless St.
West Chester, PA 19383

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West Chester University's Master of Science in Human Resource Management is a 10 course, 30 credit program. You are required to complete 8 core level courses (HRM 601-607, HRM 699), and 2 elective courses. HRM 601 is the first course in the program, and HRM 699 is the final course. Every other course may be taken in any order. 

1. HRM 601 Components of Effective Leadership

An introductory course that examines management theory and its relationship to human resource functions. Traces the development of management and organization principles and theories, with an emphasis on applying them to human resource issues. Topics covered include leadership and motivation, attitudes, selection, performance appraisal, and individual and group decision-making.

2. HRM 602 Employment Law & Labor Relations

This course provides an overview of major employment laws and emphasizes the relationship between employees and management in both nonunionized and unionized environments. Topics include policy formulation, employee rights, compliant systems, labor contracts, unions and the legal aspects of collective bargaining. This class is delivered in an online format, and includes video lectures, readings and discussion boards.

3. HRM 603 Strategic Talent Management

Examines all aspects talent acquisition and management in organizations, including workforce planning, staffing, training, career development and performance management. The importance of building an ethical culture that enhances employee engagement and organizational effectiveness is emphasized.

4. HRM 604 Compensation Analysis

Examines the development and implementation of strategic rewards systems in organizations. Topics covered include compensation philosophies; economic and social factors affecting compensations plans; and specific types of financial and non-financial compensation and benefits programs.

5. HRM 605 HR Information Systems and Analytics

Introduces students to research theory, research design, quantitative methodologies and technology to analyze and interpret data that supports effective organizational decision-making. Topics include: HRIS; data analysis techniques such as HR benchmarking, trend and ratio analysis and balanced scorecards; data mining; and risk management.

6. HRM 606 Ethics, Social Responsibility & Sustainability in HRM

Introduces students to management theories and practical tools related to ethical decision-making in organizations. Challenges students to consider the ethical dimension of human resource management, including the obligations of organizations to their stakeholders and current issues related to fair, ethical and humane treatment of employees.

7. HRM 607 Managing Diverse and Globalized Workforces

Examines dimensions of diversity and inclusivity in domestic and international organizations and the development and implementation of related HRM policies and practices. Topics include the regulatory environment and legal considerations; managing in cross-cultural environments; managing diverse team; and international assignment management.

8. HRM 608 Issue of Employee Health in the Workplace (Elective)

This course examines the challenges facing employers dealing with issues of employee health in the workplace. Topics include: mandates under the Americans with Disabilities Act; the Family and Medical Leave Act; the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act; the Affordable Care Act; Workers' Compensation laws; short and long-term disability; wellness programs; medical examinations and drug testing. This class is delivered in an online format, and includes video lectures, readings and discussion boards.

9. HRM 609 Training and Organizational Development (Elective)

Examines how the training and development function fits into both the overall mandate of human resources management and the larger organizational context. Participants should gain knowledge and skills to assess training needs, design and administer training and development programs, and evaluate the effectiveness of such programs.

10. HRM 699 Capstone Seminar - Strategic HRM Challenges

Students complete a directed research project in which they integrate knowledge from the across the curriculum and use it to demonstrate mastery of required competencies. Gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to analyze, synthesize, think critically, and solve the problems while linking HR strategy to organizational strategy.


West Chester University’s 12-credit online Certificate in Human Resource Management is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The Certificate is designed for both HR and non-HR professionals across industries and organizational types seeking to advance their skillset within the field of human resources. The 12-credit curriculum is structured to help students develop core competencies in critical areas of HR management such as employment and labor relations; compensation and benefits; ethics; global human resources; human resource metrics; leadership and change management; and workforce planning. The program is offered entirely online in a seven-week format to meet the needs of working professionals.

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