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Title: Professor
Location: 516 BPM Center
Email: SAbdel-Salam@wcupa.edu
Phone: 610-436-2617
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Dr. Sami Abdel-Salam joined the WCU Department of Criminal Justice faculty in 2013. Prior to beginning at WCU, he worked as a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Drug and Health Studies at the University of Delaware. At the Center, he served as Project Director for a national study involving the implementation of evidence-based practices for substance abuse treatment in correctional settings. This research culminated in a number of significant publications in numerous criminal justice and substance abuse journals. His other interests include comparative penology and prison reform. His current research is focused on evaluating the Norwegian correctional system, specifically with regards to its humane and rehabilitative approach to incarceration. As a result of this research, Dr. Abdel-Salam has participated in multiple national and international conferences, including the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, to share his findings. He continues to work with Norwegian and U.S. correctional officials to promote the benefits of a Scandinavian approach to prison reform.


Temple University, Ph.D. Criminal Justice

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Abdel-Salam, S., Brewster, M., Bratina, M.P., Bradley, K.B., & Perone, J. (2020). Generation Rx: College Students and Prescription Drug Misuse. Abuse: An International Impact Journal, 1(2),45-60.
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Selected Service

  • Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice Faculty Evaluation Committee
  • Chair of the College of Business and Public Management Excellence in Advising Committee
  • Chair of West Chester University’s Curriculum and Academic Policies Program Review Committee
  • Member of the Board for Missouri Prison Reform

Classes Regularly Taught

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Drugs, Crime and Justice
  • Comparative Criminal Justice
  • Research Methods

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