The broad nature of management study gives our graduates a variety of career opportunities for internship positions while they are still in school and also for full time positions upon graduation. Thus, our graduates can be found in family businesses, management training institutions, non-profit organizations, general business and industry.

As members of the WCU community, management students and alumni are eligible to utilize the services of the Twardowski Career Development Center free of charge. Some of their services include resume review, resume referral, on-site interviews, and individual career planning.


Academic credits granted for internships are usually for 3 or 6 credits, depending on whether the student works for 135 or 270 hours respectively. All interns are also supervised by faculty members during the course of the internship, and typically submit an internship report that will be used to evaluate the internship experience.

Students interested in internships are primarily responsible for identifying and applying for internship positions. It is recommended that eligible students begin their search early by reviewing options that are available via the university's Career Development website. Faculty members may also assist with resume referral assistance in certain cases.

Employers seeking interns should please contact:

Kathy Koval
Internship Coordinator
School of Business
610-738-0433 Email:

Available Courses

There are 2 courses in the course catalog that students can use to earn internship credit. The number of credits earned generally depends on the number of hours that the student accrued under the internship experience. These are summarized as follows:

Course Internship Hours Internship Credits
MGT483 135 3.0
MGT486 270  6.0


Criteria for Internship Positions 

All internship positions must be directly relevant to management, and must involve tasks that are appropriate for individuals at the bachelor's degree level. Students wishing to undertake internships are advised to contact a management faculty member to assist either with the selection of an area of concentration or placement for fieldwork.

In every case, the permission of a management instructor is required before any site or agency can be authorized for undertaking an internship. Download a copy of the Management Internship Application .

Student's Internship Obligations

The major written requirement for any of the internship courses is the field experience report. Apart from summarizing the internship experience, the report also provides a bridge between the applied nature of the internship position and the theoretical and substantive material obtained in the course work. The report should follow the format described below:

  1. Description of Organization

    This section presents a description of the host organization's mission, physical description, structure and primary practices. All relevant information pertaining to the organization's operations should be summarized in case study format.

  2. Job Description

    This section should be used to describe completely the intern's role in the organization and how the intern's work was supervised. In other words, the report should explain how the intern provided services to the organization and what functions she/he performed during the internship.

  3. Evaluation

    This section discusses the connection between the relevant management course work (i.e. either MGT 483 or MGT 486) and the internship experience. The report should explain how the internship has helped to prepare, or shape the future goals of, the student for future employment or educational pursuits.Additionally, the evaluation section of the report should discuss the following issues:

    • Personal perspective on any skills and knowledge acquired during the execution of assigned tasks.

    • Areas for improvement, or any weaknesses identified in the implementation of the internship program.

    • Finally, interns should have their supervisors prepare an evaluation of their performance. Download the Field Placement Evaluation.


Who is Eligible for an Internship?

Management students become eligible for an internship in either the junior of senior year. It is not only necessary that you have already completed most of your required MGT courses, but you must also have completed all the principles courses before contemplating an internship.

Is a Summer or School-Year Internship Preferable?

Neither is necessarily better, but summer internships generally present a better opportunity for several reasons. For example, sponsoring companies generally structure internships more carefully and students are better able to manage their time because the internship does not conflict with regular coursework.

What Kind of Position Qualifies for an Internship?

The position must offer a genuine opportunity to contribute and develop in one or more of the core management functions (planning, organizing, and controlling). Two ideal and common kinds of opportunities include:

  1. Rotational Program: Where the intern cycles through several departments.
  2. Project Assignment: Where the intern investigates a problem, develops a program of inquiry, collects and analyzes data, and proposes a solution.

Generally, an internship must be developmental.

Does the Internship Have to Be Local?

No, but be aware that you will be required to attend two on-campus meetings. For summer interns, these meetings will be scheduled to accommodate the scheduling needs of interns as soon as practical. Attendance at these meetings will be mandatory and absence for any reason will affect your internship grade.

Are There Any Other Requirements?

Yes, in addition to what is outlined under the "Student Internship Obligations" folder above, you must "check in" via email to the supervising instructor once every two weeks. In the communique, you should informally present your progress and any concerns/problems that might be developing. It might help you during the internship, and also in jogging your memory when you are preparing your internship report, to keep a journal. (Better managers make it a habit to document their own learning for both clarity and insight.)

What Is Preferable, A Six-Credit Internship or Two Business Elective Courses?

It depends on what kind of internship experience is actually provided and how prepared you are to showcase your managerial talent/abilities. Also, an internship can strengthen your resume, especially if you have no other professional experience. In general, a solid internship is more valuable than two more business electives while a non-productive internship opportunity ends up being a very discouraging waste of time. Note that students who complete internships believe that internships should be mandatory for all management majors!

Can I Volunteer for an Organization and Still Get Internship Credit?

Yes, internship credit does NOT depend on whether a job is paying or non-paying, or on whether the organization is profit-making or not-for-profit.

Where Can I Find An Internship?

We post internship opportunities and job leads on the department's bulletin board as soon as the Management Department is notified of such job openings by sponsoring organizations. The Management Department's bulletin board is located on the left side of the office entrance. Other resources that students have found helpful include: online internship websites, the university's Career Development Center, WCU alumni members, family members, friends, "Temp" employment agencies, and organizations in which you may be currently active.

If I Register for a Six-Credit Internship This Summer, Do I Qualify for WCUPA's Free Room and Board Deal?

Yes, for the Summer I semester.

I'm Currently Working. Can I Get Internship Credit for My Current Job?

It depends on whether or not your current job meets the criteria specified in Question #3. If you are serving in a supervisory or managerial capacity, we can generally work with your organization to negotiate a project that will enable you to fulfill the qualifications. Under no circumstances will we approve academic credits for a position where you serve primarily as administrative or operational support. As a management major, you know the difference.

I'm Interested in an Internship. What Do I Do Now?

It's simple. Please visit School of Business - Business Internship for Employers.

When Are Summer Internship Applications Due?

You need to have the entire application, acceptance, and registration process completed before May 1st. Generally, for the summer internships, the necessary paperwork should have been started by the beginning of May.

If A Sponsoring Organization Has Questions About the Specific Details of WCUPA's Requirements, Can I Have Them Contact the Supervising Instructor?

Absolutely, have the contact person call the Internship Coordinator, Kathy Koval, at 610-738-0433 or email at


Study Abroad

Study Abroad

              CBPM students while studying abroad in China to Beijing and Shanghai

West Chester University's Study Abroad Program offers students an incredible opportunity and an unforgettable experience to see another culture, language, environment, and education system, while still being able to graduate on time.

Expand your worldview and gain a global mindset while being exposed to different cultures, meeting a diverse range of people, and making lifelong friends.

WCU and CBPM offer study abroad programs during every semester. To find out more about this once in a lifetime opportunity, please visit the Global Engagement Office website.


The management curriculum is designed to provide students with broad, yet deep, managerial concepts, skills and knowledge. These provide management majors with the requisite tools to create and manage shareholder wealth in a variety of functions as well as organizations in several industries. Consequently, our graduating seniors have taken up offers across the whole spectrum of career opportunities. A partial list of employers that have hired some of our graduates include:


The Management Department plays an active role in placing graduates in jobs relating to their fields of study through resume referral and internship supervision, for example.

More importantly, our alumni regularly report satisfaction with the quality of education they received in Management at West Chester University as well as its relevance to their chosen vocation.

WCU alumni are welcome to use the services of the university's Career Development Center if they so desire.


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