Dr. Mark Yang

Ma Ga (Mark) Yang

Title: Professor
Location: 470 BPM Center
Email: MYang@wcupa.edu
Phone: 610-436-0025
Google Scholar: Dr. Mark Yang Profile


  • B.A., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (South Korea)
  • M.B.A., University of Toledo
  • Ph.D., University of Toledo

Area of Expertise

  • Supply Chain Management

Relevant Professional/Applied Experience

  • SAS Global Academic Program including Business Analytics and Machine Learning 
  • SAP Faculty Bootcamps including Blockchain and ERPSim certificate level 1

Research Interests

  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Supply chain integration 
  • Corporate social responsibility 
  • Supplier management 

Recent Publications/Journals/Books

  • Yang, M., Roh. J.J., Kang, M (2020). The Role of Strategic Environmental Orientation in Environmental Design Practices. Management Decision. 59(2), pp.341-357.  
  • Yoo, D.K, Roh, J.J., Cho, S., and Yang, M. (2020). Coopetition balance and coopetition capability in platform ecosystems: Complementors’ perspective. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). January 2020, Maui, Hawaii. 
  • Yang, M. and Kang, M (2019). An Integrated Framework of Mimetic pressures, quality and environment management, and firm performances. Production and Planning Control.  31(9), pp.709-722.  
  • Cho, Y, Kim, B, Yang, M (2019). Technology acquisition strategy integrating component supplier-system: From the latecomer’s perspective. Transactions on Engineering Management. pp.1-16. 
  • Kang, M., Yang, M., Park, Y., and Huo, B (2018). Supply Chain Integration and its impact on sustainability. Industrial Management & Data Systems. 118(9), pp.1730-1748.
  • Kang, M., Park, K., Yang, M., and Haney, M.H (2018). Supply chain integration and coordination for international sourcing in the context of the China’s processing trade. Industrial Management & Data Systems. 118(9), pp.1749-1765.

Professional and Community Engagement

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program Director; SCM Minor Advisor  
  • SAP Program director; SAP Faculty Coordinator
  • Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Advisory Board member 

Classes Regularly Taught

  • MGT 341 Production and Operations Management
  • SCM 361 Principles of Project Management
  • SCM 381 Quality Management
  • MBA 603 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

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