Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Fellowship

The Keiretsu Forum is the world’s largest private equity investor group. The Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Keiretsu Forum hosts a fellowship program to engage MBA students and law school students in the private equity due diligence process. The program provides a valuable opportunity for graduate students to gain practical experience, learn about private equity and the due diligence process, and expand their network.

The Due Diligence Fellows attend the monthly screening and Forum meetings held in Philadelphia, where they observe the entrepreneurs’ presentations and participate in the discussions with the chapter’s investors. Fellows identify the projects which interest them, are assigned to a due diligence team led by a Forum member, and assist with the due diligence process.

To prepare for the fellowship, the Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic President, Howard Lubert, conducts a workshop on due diligence including the Forum’s rigorous due diligence process. The Fellows also receive continuous training and feedback from the due diligence team members and the chapter leaders throughout their fellowship.

The Fellowship provides a great opportunity to gain firsthand experience in private equity.

For more information, call the Cottrell Center at 610-425-5000 ext. 3456 or email