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Philosophy of Athletics

The following statement of philosophy shall serve as a guide for the planning and implementation of the athletic programs of West Chester University.

  1. The University believes in striving for competitive excellence, victory in competition, broad participation, sportsmanship and positive societal attitudes in all of its athletic endeavors.
  2. The University believes in offering intercollegiate athletic opportunities to as many students as fiscally possible. Opportunities should be available for students who are recruited, and for those not recruited; those who are on athletic financial aid, and those who are not.
  3. Insofar as geographical location and traditional scheduling patterns permit, the University believes in scheduling a majority of its athletic competitions with the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference and other Division II members of the NCAA.
  4. The University recognizes the dual objectives of its athletic program to serve both the University family (participants, students, alumni, faculty and staff) and the general public.
  5. The University believes in permitting athletically related financial aid under rigorous academic standards.
  6. The University believes in distributing its resources to its athletic programs according to a tiered schedule that is rationally developed and follows a written policy.
  7. The University believes that primary emphasis is given to in-season competition, but exceptional teams and individuals are encouraged to participate and supported in post–season championships.
  8. The University embraces the value that a diverse student body brings to its academic and developmental mission. Therefore it supports equal opportunity/affirmative action throughout its athletic programs and specifically invites and encourages women and minorities to participate. The University is committed to achieving gender equity.

Adopted as a recommendation to the University Administration by the Athletics Advisory Board at the 15 April, 2010 meeting.

Department of Athletics Vision Statement

The academic and athletic success of our student–athletes is our goal. West Chester University believes that a well conducted intercollegiate athletic program, based on sound educational principles and practices, is a necessary part of the educational mission of the University and that the safety and welfare of our student–athletes is of primary concern.

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