Athletic Advisory Board By-laws

I. Name

The name of the Committee is the University Athletics Advisory Board.

II. Purpose and Function

The Athletics Advisory Board shall serve as a review and advisory body to the President of West Chester University. The Board will work closely with the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of Athletics assisting with the development of University’s Athletics Program.

The duties of the Advisory Board shall include but not be limited to:

  1. Provide counsel to the Director of Athletics concerning matters of athletic policy formulation, budgetary planning, educational programming, staff development and scheduling
  2. Assist the NCAA Faculty representative and Athletic Director with any major institutional inquiry into alleged or suspected NCAA rules violations.
  3. Promote an understanding of intercollegiate athletics among faculty and others in the campus community.
  4. Review existing sports programs in relation to Athletic budget. Issues such as the number of teams, current level of play, and equity concerns would be examined.
  5. Examine issues related to scholarship support.
  6. Review summary reports detailing the academic progress and retention of all student athletes.
  7. Recommend academic standards for eligibility. These standards should equal or exceed both NCAA and conference minimums.
  8. Review the coaches academic plan to ensure that the academic standards of the University are maintained by all student athletes.
  9. Review and approve codes of conduct developed by either the Athletic Director or by individual team coaching staffs. Ensure that instances of student athlete misconduct are handled in a manner consistent with institutional standards.
  10. Set and periodically review the limits on the number of athletic contests permitted in all sports, in relation to NCAA and conference limitations. The Board may recommend limits less than allowed by the above groups if the season adversely affects the academic performance of the student athletes.
  11. Review and recommend policy regarding student absences based on athletic contests.
  12. Recommend faculty to serve as the NCAA Faculty Representative.
  13. As appropriate, provide members to serve on search committees for any athletic position.

III. Membership

The Athletics Advisory Board is appointed by the President of West Chester University and is composed of the following individuals:

  1. Voting Members (13)
    • NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative (Chair)
    • Six (6) faculty
    • Three (3) students
      • one male student–athlete and one female student–athlete; when possible the student-athletes will be volunteers from the SAAC executive board or SAAC members.
      • one representative from the Student Government Association (SGA); the representative will be the Senator of Athletics and Recreational Services.
    • Three (3) administration representatives
  2. Ex-Officio, Non-voting Members (2)
    • Vice President for Student Affairs
    • Director of Athletics
  3. Call for interest in serving
    A call for interest in serving on the Athletic Advisory Board will periodically go out to the campus community in an effort to identify a diverse representation of the university community.

IV. Term of Office

Each faculty and administrative representative will serve a three–year term commencing on July 1st and ending on June 30.

Faculty and administrative representation should attempt to reflect the diverse colleges and demographics of the university.

Student-athlete representation will be appointed by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and the student government representation will be appointed by the Student Government Association (SGA) in concurrence with the Director of Athletics.

V. Procedures

  1. General meetings shall be held monthly and more frequently if needed.
  2. Recommendations to the West Chester University President will be put forward based on a majority vote by a quorum consisting of at least 7 voting members. Both supporting and dissenting positions will be sent forward to the president.

approved by AAB on April 15, 2010

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