• The Committee for Advising Excellence (CAE), and its co-chairs, Susan Gans and Courtney Lloyd are serving as one formation advisory group. They are informing in the following areas during summer/fall 2023. Please contact them using the CAE email ( to provide information and ideas as they work to support the development of the center:
    • Inform how we define differentiated care (what we refer to as advocacy) at WCU. This includes recommending what advocacy looks like, how we connect students with advocates, how advocates work closely with faculty advisors, and other student care providers.
    • Decisions on resource allocation and implementation.
  • The Moon Shot Proactive Advising using Technology best practice team are serving as a formation advisory group. They are informing the introduction of differentiated care within the enrollment support team. This includes recommending how we categorize differentiated care, what differentiated care will look like, and how we begin to coordinated consistent care models within all colleges and departments.
  • Department chairs and Deans in the are key contributors to the design of the ASA work.
  • Current Student Success Coordinators are also key contributors as they provide their expertise in aligning positions, best practices, training, and professional development.
vision for student success



ASA organizational chart