tabitha A. Morgan Ph.D. (she/they)

Adjunct Faculty in Women's & Gender Studies

individual with grey-ish hard, light skinn, anda a brown button-up blouse in front of a full bookshelf

Tabitha A. Morgan (she/they) is an Assistant Professor at Community College of Philadelphia in the History, Gender, and English departments, as well as a lecturer in West Chester University’s Women and Gender Studies department. Prof. Morgan recently completed an 8 month stay in Veracruz, Mexico as the García-Robles Fulbright Chair of U.S. History in the North American Studies Program at the Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa in 2022.  

Dr. Morgan’s research centers in the historical contextualization of gender studies, particularly the 19th and 20th centuries Americas, working class women’s art and culture, the intersection of indigeneity, nature, and expression, and anti-racist radical feminism.   

Courses Taught

  • History, Humanities, and American Studies 
    • History 101: Colonial to Revolutionary America
    • History 102: 19th Century U.S. History 
    • History 103: 20th Century American History 
    • History 180: Women in History 
    • History 176: Philadelphia History and Architecture (co-taught with Architecture professor) 
    • History 212: Early World History  
    • Humanities 101: Survey of Western Civilization 
    • Humanities 102: Survey of Cultural Traditions  
    • American Studies 115: Introduction to American Studies 
    • American Studies 202: Immigrant America 
    • American Studies 206: Gender and Diversity  
  • English and Literature  
    • English 098: Developmental English; in person and online  
    • English 101: Composition 
    • English 102: The Research Paper 
    • English 112: Introduction to Literature and Analysis 
    • English 116: Interpersonal Communication 
    • English 221: American Literature, 1400-1950 
    • English 260: Women in Literature 
    • ESOL 120: College Readiness and Literary Interpretation 
    • ESOL 100: Basic English: Reading, Writing, and Speaking 
  • Gender and Women’s Studies 
    • Women’s Studies 101: Introduction to Gender Studies  
    • Gender Studies 110: Global Gender Studies
    • WOS 225: Intro to Women and Gender Studies
    • WOS: 310: Feminist Activism  
    • History 180: Women in History 
    • American Studies 206: Gender and Diversity  
  • Interdisciplinary and Honors  
    • Honors 292T: Turn of the Century 
    • Honors 292D: American Diversity 
    • Honors 292F: Film Theory 

areas of interest

  • 19th and 20th century gender studies
  • radical intersectional feminism
  • activism
  • history of the Americas, Mexico-U.S.
  • working class studies
  • working-class women's art