As the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Education Center has expanded its programs and curricula, West Chester University has assumed a prominent role in this field with more students and teachers making use of its resources. With the inauguration of the M.A. degree program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies -- one of the first in the country at a university -- the Center and West Chester University seek funding for several endowments which will serve to ensure a lasting, high-quality, and broad-reaching educational program for future generations.

The Holocaust and Genocide Studies Center welcomes gifts of any amount to support program development. Such gifts may support library acquisitions, speakers, travel for study or research, fellowships, extracurricular events, or general program development.

West Chester University gratefully acknowledges the initial gifts of Dr. Felix and Mrs. Ruta Zandman, the Lasko Foundation, the Mandell Foundation, the Shermer Trust, Joe Fineman, and the Connelly Foundation. These gifts have been crucial in helping develop the M.A. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies as well as the future growth of the Education Center's programs.

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