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The demand for Holocaust and Genocide Studies has grown over the past thirty years. Five states mandate that the subject be taught in the schools, and seven states -- including Pennsylvania -- are recommending inclusion in school curricula. It is expected that more states will institute such requirements. Thus, teachers and librarians are seeking more information and instruction. Furthermore, the end of the 20th century saw an explosion of new scholarship and new perspectives on the Holocaust. This scholarship is reinforced by the desire of survivors and those who lived through World War II to educate future generations and to bear witness to the fact that the Holocaust did happen. 

Subsequent episodes of genocide in the modern world generate a continuing need for education and a demand for teaching resources. As a public, comprehensive university that has been training teachers for more than a century, West Chester University is able to provide excellent scholarly and pedagogical resources to students, teachers, and the community

WCU faculty have been pioneers in Holocaust Studies since 1978 when professor Irene Shur first offered an undergraduate course on the Holocaust. The program now includes a Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, a certification program, an undergraduate minor, a regional education center, and a library collection. Students in the MA program take ten courses in disciplines that include history, philosophy, psychology, and language arts, while students in the graduate certificate program and undergraduate minor take six courses. Graduate students are eligible to apply for a number of merit-based scholarships.

Alumni have gone on to do important work across the United States in the field of Holocaust education and human rights advocacy. Students have also entered doctoral programs at the University College of London, Lehigh University, the University of Tennessee, Wayne State University, Arizona State University, and George Mason University. 

2020 Holocaust and Genocide Studies Newsletter

Master of Arts Degree Requirements

Holocaust and Genocide Studies Class and Event Schedule for Spring 2020


HIS 397 Genocide, Dr. Brenda Gaydosh: MW 3:00-4:15pm, Anderson 217
HIS 440 American Jewish History, Dr. Jonathan Friedman: TH 7:15-10:00pm, Wayne 104B
GER 326 Holocaust Survivor Memories, Dr. Joseph Moser: MW 3:00-4:15pm
PHI 411 The Problem of War, Prof. David Headman: MWF 1:00-1:50pm, Anderson 301


HIS 536 Europe Since 1914, Dr. Lisa Kirschenbaum: W 5:50-8:35pm, Main 313
HIS 546 Genocide, Dr. Brenda Gaydosh: MW 4:25-5:40pm, Anderson 306
HIS 601 Readings in American Jewish History, Dr. Jonathan Friedman: TH 7:15-10:00pm, Wayne 104B
GER 526 Communicating the Unspeakable, Dr. Joseph Moser: MW 3:00-4:15pm


Lecture by Dr. Zev Garber, Professor Emeritus at Los Angeles Valley College, April 20, 2020 at 7:30pm in Sykes Theater. Author of dozens of books and articles on Judaism philosophy, Dr. Garber will lecture about theology and Holocaust.

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