Jonathan C. Friedman

  • Professor of History
  • Director of Graduate Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • 728 Wayne
  • 610-436-2972

Courses Taught

  • HIS 332/HIS 545: The Holocaust
  • HIS 349/HIS 543: Jewish History
  • HIS 331/HIS 536: 20th Century Europe
  • HIS 440: American Jewish History
  • HIS 368: Gay America
  • HIS 434: 19th Century Europe
  • HIS 398/602: Holocaust in Film
  • HIS 397/HIS 603: Race, Gender, and Class in Film
  • HIS 399: Public History
  • HIS 100: Global History Since 1900
  • HIS 520: Racism, Bigotry, Prejudice
  • HIS 544: The Final Solution in Europe
  • HIS 547: A-Socials and the Holocaust

About Me

My main areas of specialization are modern European, modern German, and modern Jewish history, but I have also broadened out from there since finishing my Ph.D. to include LGBT history and the history of music and film. My current research involves a good deal of intersectionality, whether that is the intersection of gay and Jewish identity or the intersection of popular culture and representations of race, religion, class, and gender. I have published numerous books on subjects ranging from the Holocaust to gay and Jewish performance, and I am currently working on a monograph entitled Haunted Laughter: Comedic Representations of Adolf Hitler, The Third Reich, and the Holocaust in Film and Television.

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