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Charles Hardy

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702 Wayne Hall
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-2201
Fax: 610-436-3069

Carole Marciano
Departmental Secretary
Office: 702 Wayne Hall
Phone: 610-436-2201
Fax: 610-436-3069

Dr. Robert Kodosky
Departmental Chairperson
Office: 704 Wayne Hall
Phone: 610-436-2288
Fax: 610-436-3069

Dr. Karin Gedge
Social Studies Coordinator
Office: 729 Wayne Hall
Phone: 610-436-2971

Brenda Gaydosh
Acting Graduate Coordinator
Office: 721 Wayne Hall
Phone: 610-436-0734

Jonathan Friedman
Director, Holocaust-Genocide Studies
Office: 723 Wayne Hall
Phone: 610-436-2972


Charles Hardy

Courses Taught

  • HIS 150: The American Experience
  • HIS 152: History of United States II
  • HIS 300: Varieties of History
  • HIS 344: History of Pennsylvania
  • HIS 356: U. S. Environmental History
  • HIS 400: Research Seminar
  • HON 352/HIS 399: Environmental Stewardship: Challenges of the Twenty-First Century
  • HON 453/HIS 399/AMS 399: Digital Storytelling, Oral History, and the Great Migration
  • HIS 500: Methods and Materials of Historical Research
  • HIS 650: Research Seminar in American Popular Culture

About Me

The senior member of the department of history, Professor Hardy (Ph.D. Temple University, 1989) joined the West Chester University faculty in 1990, after a decade working as a documentary producer and historical consultant. A winner of the West Chester University Trustees' Achievement Award for distinguished scholarly and creative work in 2013, and the E. Riley Holman Memorial Faculty Award (with Professor Janneken Smucker) in 2015 for innovative teaching techniques that foster student creativity, he is the producer of award-winning public radio, video, and web-based documentaries and historical websites.

Supervising Historian for since 2003, Professor Hardy has served as president of the Oral History Association (2008-2009), on the Advisory Board of Oral History in the Digital Age (2009-2012), as a member of the Advisory Board of the Pennsylvania Bureau for Historic Preservation (2004-2010); and as a project advisor for "History of Oppression," a multi-institutional archival and documentary project on the history of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Institute (2014-present).

Dr. Hardy also serves as the Internship Coordinator for the Department, and is currently conducting an oral history project documenting the life and career of Congressman Curt Weldon (WCU 1969), who represented Pennsylvania's 7th District from 1987-2007.

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