Brenda Gaydosh

Courses Taught

  • HIS 100: Global History from 1900
  • HIS 102: Civilization II
  • HIS 246: Genocide
  • HIS 320: Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIS 423: Modern Germany
  • HIS 523: History of Germany
  • HIS 535: Nationalism and Democracy
  • HIS 546: Genocide

About Me

This is Professor Gaydosh's second career. She earned a B.S. degree in Mathematics in 1980 and worked as an actuarial analyst for 15 years. In her late 30s, Brenda returned to school, earning her M.A. in history from West Chester University (1999) and Ph.D. in history from American University (2010). Dr. Gaydosh has presented numerous papers including several internationally. She was the group leader for two EF College Study Tours: "The Holocaust in Europe," in summer 2012 and "WWII in Western Europe" in summer 2013. She also traveled with students to Rwanda in 2014 and 2019. Dr. Gaydosh was promoted to Associate Professor of History in 2014 and Professor in 2020. Dr. Gaydosh's research interests lie in the history of the Catholic Church in 20th-century Germany. She published a biography, Bernhard Lichtenberg: Roman Catholic Priest and Martyr of the Nazi Regime, in 2017 and edited Connections: Memoirs of an American Historian in the Communist East Bloc in 2019. Her current research focuses on the Catholic bishop of Berlin from 1961-1979.

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