Philadelphia Immigration is a collaboration among students in West Chester University’s spring 2018 HIS 480: Digital History, HON 451: Immigration and Digital Storytelling, and spring 2019 HIS 399/HON 451: Oral History of Philadelphia Immigration, WCU professors Janneken Smucker and Charles Hardy, Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and numerous regional institutions, who have generously supported the project.

Philadelphia Immigration

Marca @ WCU is the ongoing development of the open-source writing platform Marca here at West Chester. This project has received local grant support, and the software is currently in use in First Year Writing classrooms on campus. .


Robert Fletcher's 2017 sabbatical project, Sight and Sound Augmented (augmented reality application) received local grant support. Read more about it on the Digital Commons Site.

Sight and Sound Augmented

The News-Paper Wedding site reflects the collaborative and individual work of students in ENG 400: Novels, Newspapers, and Magazines as New Media at West Chester University of Pennsylvania during the spring 2016 semester. Work included examinations of a copy of The News-Paper Wedding; or an Advertisement for a Husband, other novels published in 1774, and best-selling works such as Richardson’s Pamela and Haywood’s The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless in the Singer-Mendenhall Collection at the University of Pennsylvania’s Van Pelt Library to experience and assess the material features of these 18th-century works.

In addition to annotating thean e-edition of the  novel that often included pop-up images, students mapped the locations of events in the novel using a contemporaneous London map.


Page 11 · “...the grove near the Ranger’s houfe in the Great Park…”- Green Park- “The park once contained lodges, a library, an ice house and two vast 'temples' called the Temple of Peace and the Temple of Concord. It was known as Upper St James's Park but by 1746 it was called The Green Park. Various improvements at the beginning of the 18th century made it more of a pleasure garden. The Tyburn Pool was built, and in the 1720s a reservoir was made to supply water to St James's Palace and Buckingham House. This reservoir was called the Queen's Basin, and with the adjacent Queen's Walk, planted in 1730, soon became a fashionable venue. The park was opened to the general public in 1826. Unfortunately, The Ranger's Lodge, the Queen's Library, the Queen's Basin and the Tyburn Pool had all been demolished by 1855,” (“History and Architecture.” The Green Park: A Royal Park. Web. 15 April 2016). 

The Newspaper Wedding

Newspaper Map


iCamp Summer Media Academy is a week-long residential summer academy for Philadelphia city high school students at West Chester University (WCU).

iCamp Students

"Distant Reading Covid" was a project completed by students in Professor Famiglietti's section of DHM 280 - Introduction to Digital Humanities in the Spring of 2020. These students compiled publicly available transcripts from the Federal Coronavirus Task Force, and used the tool Voyant to explore how word frequencies and relationships changed over time and between speakers.

Covid Communicae

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