Tips For Crossing The Streets of West Chester

>Maddie Consugar - February 2020
  1. Use the crosswalk buttons to cross the street!
    1. Do not watch the traffic lights to guess when to cross the street. Look at the actual crosswalk with the “stop” and “walk” symbols! (stop= red hand, walk=person walking). The crosswalk can tell you exactly how much time you have to cross the street. If you rely solely on the traffic lights, you can cross too late and risk the light turning green while you are still crossing.
  2. Double check to make sure all cars have stopped completely!
    1. Though the light is red and the crosswalk sign reads “walk”, double check to make sure all the cars to your left or right have come to a complete stop. Some cars (especially at the intersection of High and Rosedale) routinely run the red lights or purposely put their car in a position in which they have to keep driving despite the red light in order to get out of the middle of the intersection. Always double check!
  3. Get off your phone!
    1. Driving and texting is dangerous, but so is walking and texting! Intersections are not the place to be looking at your phone. You need all your senses to make sure you cross the street safely. Do not assume just because the light is red, that cars will stop. It is important you are aware of your surroundings incase a rogue car runs a light or turns too early. 



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