iCamp Academy allows Philadelphia high school students to choose between 4 media track options – Audio production, Game Development, Video Production, or Website Development to participate in for the week long program.

Audio Production

While attending the Academy, students experience the entire process of completing an audio piece, from recording through post production. At WCU student use state of the art equipment and software, to tap into new skills and create music that ignites social change.

Game Development

At iCAMP Summer Academy, students learn to create games that mean something, to them and others. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students design and develop games using industry standard software. In addition, they will create games playable on multiple platforms, reflecting creativity, and addressing topics important to them and their community.

Video Production

High School students have a wide range of video production options- from Documentaries to Short Features, whatever moves them they will be able to produce with professional equipment. Our students develop proficiency in video production and editing, and experience the entire process, form preproduction, through shooting, and post-production.

Website Development

At iCAMP, students learn how to create beautiful websites using industry standard software. Campers will work individually and as a group to create sites rich in media content and social interaction. In addition, they will gain experience in standard content platforms that help them in school, college, and their careers. All this while contributing to local organizations and community needs.

Student looking at Computer Monitor
Student looking at Computer Monitor