Brightspace Pulse for D2L

Caitlin Iannella - January 2020

Picture this… daily morning routine consists of you waking up an hour early to catch the short line at Starbucks, then you do your 10 minute walk or sprint to your first class. Finally, you are all settled down into your chair. You pull out everything from your bag that you need to get you through the class time. Then BANG all the sudden the professor announces something that they did not say in class. You are currently digging into all of the files of your brain to try to locate where this announcement could be. Then a light bulb goes off! Right as the professor says the one and only 2 letters and 1 number word… D…2…L. Now you are probably thinking fantastic! I have not been on it for two days. If only there was a solution to make that never happen again?

Guess what!?! There is! There is an app that everyone can download on their phones called Brightspace its 100% free. The best part of the app is that it gives you notifications every time your professor posts an announcement. Instead of using only your thumbs to type on the search bar for Then put your thumbs back down to sign into your D2L account. Now since you will download the app all you have to do it use one single touch! Once you log in, you can then save your login information on the app. When you open up the app, you will see all of your classes on the home screen to click on as if you were seeing them on your laptop. At the bottom you will see three icons called, “upcoming”, “courses”, and “notifications”. If you click on the icon for “upcoming” it gives you a visual calendar with all of your due dates for assignments. It gives you a visual to see what is upcoming for the week as well as the month. Next, is the icon “courses” this gives you all of the courses you are taking for the semester and has all of the information on it for your class. Finally, is the icon “notifications”. Once you click on it, it gives you ‘pop up’ messages from all of your professors, such as when announcements, grades, and notifies you when a due date for an assignment is about to come up. Go download Brightspace Pulse right now it is only a swipe and a click away!


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