Just Townin’ Around: West Chester Rarities and Sweet Spots

CAH Ambassadors - April 2021

This week we asked our student ambassadors to share their favorite spots around West Chester. From the best spots for food to the cutest boutiques, if you need a new place to try, our ambassadors are here to help!

What are rare finds in West Chester?

Emma: A rare find in West Chester is Everhart Park. For the first three years of attending West Chester, I didn't know there was a nice little park right around the corner. There is a swingset, a playground, a basketball court, and a lot of great places to sit around and relax. Sometimes there are even yoga classes held on one of the fields there, as well. I currently live a few blocks away from Everhart but I walk through it almost every day that it's nice outside. There are so many different trees and plants, it's especially beautiful right now with everything blossoming.

Caitlin: If you are ever in the mood for some bubble tea, I highly recommend you go into town to TranquliliTEA Temple. It is located on Church Street, behind Couch Tomato. The workers there are very friendly and they have so many tea flavors for you to choose from such as mango, matcha, strawberry, and so many more! If you live on campus or in the town of West Chester, it is a terrific excuse to go outside to get some fresh air between your classes, or if you need a study break.

Rachel: The Stroud Preserve is a great place to clear your mind and go for a hike after a long week of classes. Just under three miles away, it is such a cool place to spend a free hour or two. There are different trails per difficulty, but my favorite part is the bridge overlooking the Brandywine Creek.

Best breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert places?

Gen: If you are looking to splurge or have a semi-fancy dinner I couldn’t recommend Mercato enough. My favorite dish of theirs is the fettuccine alfredo. I have heard great things about the penne vodka as well. Also, if you are 21 the cocktails are classy and delicious!

Logan: If I am walking in town I love to stop by Dia Doce. They sell gourmet cupcakes and coffee. The cupcakes are 3 dollars each and you can get gluten free and vegan if you ask about them. I love the cute wall in the back of the shop. It is perfect for pictures. My coffee order is the same here unless they don't have oat milk and I get myself a vegan chocolate cupcake.

Favorite coffee shops/study spots? 

Zach: One coffee place I discovered last semester is Gryphons. They have a really good lavender latte, which is so good and so soothing.

Noah: My all time favorite study spot may sound nerdy but I do not care. The library is where it's at when it comes to college. I am a person who needs to be around other people working in order to feel engaged and motivated. I feel most engaged and ready to be at work when I am sitting in the library's comfy chairs and the occasional chat with friends while you take a break. I highly recommend it!

What are some cute boutiques around West Chester?

Emma: My favorite boutique in West Chester is called Green Eyed Lady. It's located on Gay Street and they have a lot of cute, trendy clothes as well as lots of accessories and handbags. This boutique is definitely on the pricey side but I think the quality of the clothes are definitely worth it. Plus, it doesn't hurt that their clothes are really cute!

Rachel: Malena's Vintage Boutique on Gay St. is such a cool place to shop in West Chester. It has some very unique clothing pieces and accessories. If you can't make it to shop in person, they even share their pieces online on Etsy, eBay, and their Instagram page, @msmalena.



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