Ambassadors’ Declassified: WCU Study Guide

CAH Ambassadors - April 2021

As the semester comes to an end, final exams and projects are slowly but surely making their way into our schedules. This is the time when everyone starts to cram for their finals and their stress levels reach an all-time high. With these study tips from the ambassadors, you just may be able to manage your time and find some better ways to study! 

What is your go to study method?

Zach: I will be completely honest, I am not the best when it comes to studying. However, I know when I am studying for a big test, it is good for me to use a study guide and have all the questions laid out and answered. I am also a huge enthusiast for Quizlet, which I think has been absolutely essential for me in my early college career.

Rachel: Organize your notes! If you have an open-note exam that you are studying for, go back into your notebook and files to categorize them. You don’t want to spend a majority of your exam time searching through your notes. Titling different sections will make the materials easier to find if you need to reference them during the exam.

Logan: When I need to study, I first need to set up all the materials I need for my study time. This includes my notebooks, any paper for that class, my pencil case, my phone to listen to a podcast, and headphones. I prefer to rewrite my notes and any other information I need if there is specific material that I need to know for the class. I don't highlight things because too many colors can often confuse me. I find repetition a method that I use to retain new information and once I know it, I will connect it to real life examples to further understand this information.

How do you manage your study time to ensure you get enough breaks?

Emma: When I am studying or writing a paper I often try to write for 30 to 45 minutes and then take a 5 to 10-minute break, then continue on that pattern. This way, I'm doing more studying or writing than not while also avoiding overworking and burning out my brain. I also try to plan out the days that I am going to study so I don't end up saving it all for the last minute, stressing myself out, and not being able to take any breaks because I'm cramming.

What are some good places to go to focus on studying?

Zach: When I study, I like to do it in a quiet area with no one around. I am able to focus on my work and what needs to be done. My favorite place to study is the library, specifically the quiet reading room that they have on the 2nd floor.

Rachel: In Anderson Hall, there is a study lounge on the third floor that is a hidden gem. It’s a quiet room that is super conducive for group studying. As a Political science minor, I have spent a lot of time in Anderson taking classes and stumbled upon this space with a group of friends while planning to prep for an exam. It became our go to study space.

Becs & Gen: Before the pandemic, we both loved going to a Saxby's, Panera, or any coffee shop to get some studying done.  Coffee shops have a great ambiance and background noise that helps you focus more than simply listening to music or silence. It’s also a nice treat to get a nice latte or cappuccino to go along with homework or test prep. Due to the pandemic, you cannot sit inside or you have to wear a mask, which makes eating snacks and drinking coffee an issue, but places like Saxby’s have outdoor seating, which is good for the warmer weather we have had!

What are your best study snacks?

Zach: Nothing beats a good cup of coffee or an espresso drink before you start studying!!

Becs: I love something light and refreshing for a study snack. If I'm feeling too sluggish or "dessert-y" I totally won't be motivated to do the work. I love having green apples with chocolate hummus or a tiny charcuterie board to make myself feel fancy. Drink plenty of water!

Cait: The best study snacks are anything that does not cause a huge mess and/or sticky fingers. My go-to snacks are goldfish or pretzels with an iced coffee to complement to get me through my work



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