Self Care Isn’t Selfish: Tips From the Ambassadors

CAH Ambassadors - April 2021

Our student ambassadors know that self-care isn’t always pretty and perfect. This week we asked everyone to share their best self-care routines and methods to recharge and relax.

What's your favorite way to recharge?

Noah: For me, there is something about watching the YouTube channel, Good Mythical Morning, every day that helps me recharge and get through the rest of the day. If you have not watched them before I highly recommend it! They are such a good way to start the day and feel energized.

Zach: My favorite way to recharge is to simply isolate myself from other people. I am an introvert by nature and my way of recharging is to just get away from other people, with silence and comfort.

Your favorite comfort movie?

Gen: My all time favorite comfort movie is Mamma Mia. The music, the dancing, and the scenery sends me into a relaxed and happy state. I am also a huge Marvel fan, so any Marvel movie relaxes me and makes me happy, as well, especially because my childhood comfort characters are in these movies too!

April: I have a few comfort movies. The new Disney movie Soul has become one of the top movies for me. The music, the message, the story is breathtaking and I believe everyone should watch it. My all time favorite comfort movie though is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It's so much fun to watch! I have watched it so much I have been able to start to memorize the lines!

What are online/other resources for mental health that you may use?

Emma: If you are looking online for a therapist to work with, whether that be in person or virtually, Psychology Today is a great resource to help you find a therapist that is right for you. You simply type in your zip code and a list of therapists and their bios will pop up. Being able to read a bit about licensed therapists is really helpful in finding someone you can connect with the most.

Describe your self care routine.

Gen: My self care routine includes a long hot shower, my full skin care and hair routine. This includes face masks, moisturizing and blowing out my hair. I, then, light some candles, make a cup of tea, grab my favorite snack and just chill out and watch a youtube video, a TV series I have been into lately, or one of my favorite comfort movies.

Becs: Self care, for me, is cleaning the space around me and getting my work done. It isn't the prettiest process (I wish it was). I need self care when I'm feeling burnt at both ends and in need for a good kick in the butt. Sometimes it also involves a good cry. But that's okay! Not everyone's self care should be the same because we all have different needs. The best way to handle a problem is to work on it.

Maya: My main form of self care has and always will be making art. However this has led to a strange contradiction, because my work revolves around my 'self care.' I have a tendency to get sucked into my work to the point where I neglect other necessary things I should be doing. Taking the time to get up and stretch is my current battle. Yoga and stretching have always been a favorite of mine, but now they are essential for my habit of hunching over the wheel.



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