Ambassadors Favorites of the CAH: Classes, Events, and More!

CAH Ambassadors - May 2021

As ambassadors of the College of the Arts and Humanities, we each have unique experiences with our classes and the organizations that we are a part of. This week, the ambassadors shared their favorite classes, events, and more within the CAH that they have enjoyed in their time at West Chester University

What has been your favorite class?

April: I have really enjoyed so many of my classes within the College of Arts and Humanities, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be Acting I with Charlie DelMarcelle. The class had taught me so much about not only acting, but being a human being in general. We learned how to put our creative minds to use as we did exercises and scenes. But most importantly, he taught us to never apologize for just being present.

Gen: My favorite class that I took within the CAH has to be Dance Composition. For those who don’t know it is a class where you learn techniques for choreographing. It was super stressful but so much fun. I learned a lot, improved as a choreographer, and got to attend a class full of all my best friends twice a week! 

Emma: I have loved almost all of my classes, but my seminars have definitely been some of my favorites. Specifically, my seminar from the 2020 spring semester called "The Body, Our Bodies" with Dr. Sherri Craig. In this seminar, we discussed the body and its connection to gender, race, and the borderlands. I learned about a lot of the privileges I face being in a white body but also had the opportunity to speak on my insecurities and my experiences of violation with my body as a woman.

What are some of your favorite events within the CAH?

Zach: My favorite events within the CAH would include all of the events within UT, Breakfast with Bacon, and the 10 minute dance parties. All are great events that really help form a great community. I also really enjoyed the speaker events as well. 

Gen: As a dance minor, naturally, my favorite event is UDC’s concerts. Though I also love attending all of UTs shows. It is so important for the dance and theatre department to support each other as we are one department! The AIDS Benefit is also a super fun event through the theatre department as well!

Logan: I love meeting prospering students either that is by giving them tour department or shadow day. I enjoy showing them the E.O. Bull, our classrooms, and anything about our wonderful theatre and dance department. I usually talk about all the opportunities we have within the department and how a student might have a concentration in one area such as acting or design. You are allowed to try out different areas of theatre.

What are special/unique things about your major/classes?

April: I would have to say something special about my major would be calling all of our professors in the department by their first names... there's a reason for that too... because we are all working together on projects. We are all thespians who can learn from each other. The professors in the theatre and dance department care so much about us students and open the door for us to try new things and to learn and succeed from the things we try. We are one big family and I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of the family.

Rachel: I have always been amazed at the quality of the professors I have had in the Communication and Media Department at WCU. Communication Studies professors and mentors care about their students' learning and success. My professors go above and beyond to share theoretical and practical examples, while also maintaining open and affirming lines of communication with their students. It feels good to be in a major where I know I am cared for as an individual and as a contributing member.

What is one super cool event you've been to?

Rachel: One of my favorite events that the University has ever hosted has been the Ramboree, or what is known this year as the Ram Jam. It is a festival planned right before finals with music and different activities like outdoor games, food trucks, and tarot card readings. Ram Jam is a great way to end the Spring semester with a bit of fun and a deep breath before exams.

Emma: I had the pleasure of not only attending but also helping make the C.R.A.F.T. festival happen. The C.R.A.F.T. festival ended up being four days long and filled with a lot of different readings, workshops, and studio work. Although it was all virtual, most of the workshops and other events ran very smoothly. Overall, it was a really great event and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of it.



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