About Accelerated Programs

Accelerated programs allow undergraduate students with at least a junior standing to begin taking graduate courses toward the completion of a master’s degree. In many cases, courses will count as electives toward the undergraduate degree, while satisfying requirements for a master’s degree. Depending upon the program,  students may complete up to 40% of a master’s degree before graduating from an undergraduate program, however there is not a minimum number of graduate courses for participation in an accelerated program. Students admitted to an accelerated program are provisionally accepted into the corresponding master’s program and can continue directly into the graduate program following conferral of the undergraduate degree, conditional on satisfactory performance in prior courses.

While in an accelerated program, students are considered undergraduate students until conferral of the undergraduate degree. Students will be charged the undergraduate tuition rate and remain eligible for undergraduate financial aid and scholarships.

In summary, accelerated programs enable high achieving students to complete a master’s degree in a shorter period of time and at a reduced cost.