History of Our Mascot


The Story of Rammy

From the time he was a lamb, it was obvious that Rammy was different. Wandering the fields of West Chester, Pennsylvania Rammy's curiosity almost always took him to interesting places and made him stand out from his herd. One day Rammy noticed a castle building in the distance - Rams have excellent eye-sight after all. Although it appeared that the castle had been there for many generations, no one from Rammy's herd knew anything about it. That's when Rammy realized that it was up to him to be a leader; that there was more out in the world for him to explore, to learn, to achieve. He set out for the castle that very day.

He traveled over hills and dales and crossed many treacherous streams. It wasn't an easy path, but eventually he arrived at the grand castle.

As Rammy walked through the castle's arch, his eyes grew wide. Standing before him were rams with horns as bright as the sun. Rammy approached one of the rams and marveled "I've never seen a ram like you before." The ram replied, "that's because we're Golden Rams. We are courageous, determined, kind and we welcome all rams." Rammy assured him "I can be all of those things." "Come and join us" the Golden Ram replied, "But you'll have to prove yourself." Rammy joined the herd and learned to exemplify the qualities of a Golden Ram. Rammy learned leadership, perseverance, ways to sharpen his mind and how to celebrate all differences from his new herd, and they learned plenty from him too.

Rammy Started traveling far and wide to share his knowledge and to lend a helpful hoof to others. Soon, Golden Rams weren't just living in West Chester, they could be found across the state, the country and the globe.

Years later Rammy was walking past the castle when he stopped suddenly in his tracks. His reflection in a window caught his eye. He was much different than he remembered. He had confidence, ambition, wisdon and above all, his horns were gold. He was a Golden Ram.


Dog named Puck

For the past ten years Dr. Philips had a pet dog named Puck, who was the mascot of the Normal school. On August 5th poor Puck Philips had an altercation with a trolley car and his demise was duly noted with sadness. In October the candidates for basketball were reviewed to see if any should not be permitted to play because of being below the passing mark in any branches. Faculty children augmented by a few other Model classmates formed a basketball team called the Normal Tigers and imitated the school boys' dress and manners.


WC's first goat mascot "Elmer"

West Chester's first "goat" mascot Elmer appeared at home coming day when the team played La Salle in football. The girls in the dorm had raised $10 and Joe Guarini, Bud Hickman, and Dan Shields visited Tapper's farm and bought Elmer. Escorted by cheer leaders "Jackie" Jackson and Peg Angle, the mascot made a big hit. Soon the goat will be replaced by a ram.



A complete Rams costume is secured

A new face appears (or is hidden by a "Ram's Head) when Wayne Hussey takes over the chores as official mascot. Perhaps inspired by the St. Joseph's College "Hawk", a complete Ram's costume is secured and Wayne will be a permanent fixture at all athletic and similar events to inspire support from the students. Several future opponents will attempt to steal the costume without removing Hussey from it. Today Wayne, writing from his teaching post in Alaska, recalls some of his narrow escapes. As President of the newly formed Booster Club, he will initiate new avenues of support for college activities which serves as the basis for current practices.

Wayne Hussey


A new ram mascot named Prince Ramses I

Slater is here! The new mascot is Prince Ramses I. When not at the games, he is kept on a farm near Downingtown with his 26 wives. No wonder he always looks so tired. On the funny side, West Chester was removed from the AAUP censured list after nineteen years, an all-time record.

Booster Club

Thanks are extended for the energy and vigor displayed by Booster Club members. They aim to keep spirits high as we cheer athletic teams to victory, and they show sincere patronage to W.C.S.T.C. Because of their efforts, we have a lively ram as our mascot—Price Rameses I. Mr. Benner and Mr. Messikomer advise thsi spirited group.

Booster Club


West Chester activities wouldn't have been complete without the acrobatics and antics of our spirited Ram, Ed Eicholtz.

Ed Eicholtz Acrobatics


Yea, West Chester! These spirited cheerleaders were once a familiar sight to Farrell Stadium.

1961 Cheerleaders

Instrumental in sport enthusiasm was the RAM, animated by Senior Classman, Edward Eicholtz.

Edward Eicholtz


The first found mention of the mascot name, The Golden Ram

Charlie can always be found lagging around the campus. Many Students consider him almost as much of a mascot as the Ram.


The Golden Ram, animated by Curt Shearer amused and spirited W. C. fans at all games. Displaying his gymnastic talents, the Ram executes a somersault as the team racks up another score. The symbol of luck and team spirit, our mascot is an integral part of all athletic events.

Curt Shearer


Our mascot, the Golden Ram, is the symbol of good luck and team spirit. The Ram, characterized by Curt Shearer, added enthusiasm and pep to our cheers. His gymnastic antics and undying spirit, often helped to bolster spirits and spur our teams to victory.

Curt Shearer Headshot
1963 Football
1963 Cheerleaders


Dave Shuster dons the new Rams costume to lead the Rampage parade over town streets for the delight of spectators.

Dave Shuster

Life on the Ram Campus

Ram cheerleaders eagerly await the start of the soccer game with Navy. When the team members break through the gigantic paper-covered hoop, all know the game will soon commence.

Ram Cheerleaders Sign
Ram Cheerleaders


Gary Dologite, Chuck Miller, and Vince Paolone, members of the Friars arrived in Orlando, Fla. with WC's mascot, the Ram, for the game with UTM in the Tangerine Bowl.

Tangerine Bowl


"The WC Normal School Centennial story started with a cannon and appropriately, on the threshold of a second hundred years, a new cannon comes on the scene" - Dr. Sturzebecker



1973 Ram
1973 Town


1975 Ram
1975 Costume




1980 Cheerleader
1980 Ram


1983 Crowd
1983 Ram


1984 Ram


1985 Ram


1986 Ram Animal
1986 Ram Costume


1987 Students
1987 Ram


1988 Ram


1989 Photo
1989 Scoreboard


1990 Ram


1993 Ram


1996 Black and White
1996 Color


Rammy always has time to havea picture taken with his fans.

1997 Picture

Rammy kicking it with the Cheerleaders at the pep rally.

1997 Cheerleaders

Rammy the University Mascot gets the crowd fired up.

1997 Ram


Rammy tries his luck at the balance beam.

1998 Ram


West Chester University's very own mascot, the golden ram, revs up some school spirit

1999 Ram
1999 Cheerleaders


Rammy gets ready to celebrate WCU annual Banana Day.

2000 Ram 1

Rammy shows his support for the Lady Rams at one of the home games.

2000 Ram 2

Rammy makes his way down the field with a special friend.

2000 Ram Football


WCU's mascot, Rammy gets ready to rock the stands at a sports game. Go Rams!

2001 Ram


Rammy dances for the crowd in the Residential Quad. What would a game be without Rammy.

2002 Ram 1
2002 Ram 2


Our mascot, Rammy, looks on proudly.

2003 Ram 1

A true Golden Ram comes out to show his support.

2003 Ram 2

The audience has their eyes on the new rambunctious mascot.

2003 Ram 3


2006 Ram 1
2006 Ram 2


Ram statue is installed on WCU's campus.

2007 Ram 1
2007 Ram 2
2007 Ram 3


2011 Ram
2011 Aid to South Africa


2014 Ram
2014 Ram Slide

2015 - 2017

2015-2017 Ram 1

State System Twitter: "Kudos to the 2017 #Mascot Madness winner…Rammy (@WCUofPA)! It was a hard bought battle w/ Norm (@IUPedu) w/ more than 53,000 votes cast!

2015-2017 Ram 2


Rammy's new look is revealed at the 2017 Homecoming Parade & Football Game: Oct. 28, 2017

2017 Group
2017 Ram