Career Integration & Culture

Working to build and maintain a culture of career development on campus is the Twardowski Career Development Center’s mission in action. There are three areas of focus that allow the Twardowski Career Development Center to work towards this goal.


The TCDC is taking career exploration, education and development outside of the walls of the physical Career Center and into the spaces where students are already living, learning and hanging out. Keeping a pulse on how students consume information, the TCDC is visible in virtual spaces, as well as physical spaces on campus.


When we talk about approachability, we’re not just referring to welcoming, friendly staff at the TCDC. We’re talking about making the concept of career development approachable so that students actually want to engage in it and have fun with it, rather than seeing it as something that makes them nervous.


We are a centralized Career Center and we say that we serve all students, so we have an incredible responsibility to uncover any barriers to students accessing our services, resources and opportunities. We take that responsibility very seriously and will always strive to be inclusive and accessible.