Ethics & Standards of Practice

The WCU Student Ombuds is guided by the following principles.


  • The WCU Student Ombuds does not take any sides in a conflict, dispute or issue.
  • The WCU Student Ombuds seeks to provide a fair and equitable process for every student.


  • Conversations will be held in the privacy of the Student Ombuds office.
  • Conversations are not shared with anyone unless there is a legal obligation that requires disclosure of the discussion.
    • The Student Ombuds is required to report possible sexual misconduct violations (Title IX) as well as instances of child abuse and neglect. The Student Ombuds must also report crimes to WCU Public Safety in accordance with the Clery and Campus SaVE requirements. In addition, the Student Ombuds would also break privacy if deemed necessary to ensure safety when there is a threat of harm to self or others.


  • Use of the WCU Student Ombuds Office is voluntary.
  • The WCU Student Ombuds Office does not participate in any formal hearings or dispute resolution.
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