About WCU Student Ombuds

The Student Ombuds assists all students (undergraduate and graduate) as a professional resource that can help them make informed decisions while handling conflicts and obstacles related to their student experience while here at West Chester University. Visitors to the WCU Student Ombuds Office will participate in productive problem-solving with the Ombuds that maintain the values of respect, civility and justice. The WCU Student Ombuds serves as a private and neutral resource.

Visitors to the Student Ombuds Office will experience:

  • Fair treatment – every visitor is welcomed!
  • Respect – every visitor is valued!
  • Support – visitors to the Student Ombuds Office will receive guidance and options to deal with their concerns.

The Student Ombuds will be obligated by law or policy to disclose private/confidential information in certain situations. For example, the Student Ombuds is a "Responsible Employee" per the WCU Sexual Misconduct Policy and therefore must report possible sexual misconduct violations (Title IX), as well as instances of child abuse and neglect. In addition, the Ombuds must report crimes to WCU Public Safety, in accordance with the Clery and Campus SaVE requirements. In addition, the Ombuds may break confidentiality if deemed necessary to ensure safety when there is a threat of harm to self or others.

Contact the WCU Student Ombuds Office at 610-436-3356 to set up an appointment. 

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