Involvement & Leadership Awards 

Involvement and Leadership Opportunities

A range of involvement and leadership development opportunities are offered every academic year. Registration for all programs occurs on RamConnect.  
Leadership Consultants are undergraduate student leaders and are available to meet with students about ways to get involved. Leadership Consultant's hold open hours during the academic year in their office in the CSI on the 2nd floor of Sykes Student Union. 

Highlighted Opportunities for Spring 2023

Student Athletes apply for the Academy

Apply to be a Leadership Consultant


Annual Involvement Fairs

New to campus and want to get more involved? Want the opportunity to showcase your organization and recruit new members? The Annual Fall Involvement Fair has become the place to be for students interested in joining clubs and organizations.  Organizations have the opportunity to positively showcase what they’re all about! Come check out the variety of student organizations, offices here to help you succeed and local businesses with lots of free stuff to give-away. This is a can't miss event for any student looking to get involved. 

For Fall Please explore the Fall Involvement Fair website 

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

Spring Organization Fair

For Spring 2023  Involvement Fairs  will be mini fairs held on Fridays in February. Check out RamConnect for more details.  

To learn more you can watch this video.

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program an exciting leadership development program open in the fall. The development of these qualities and skills are an imperative part of the University's mission to provide a memorable and successful college experience.

What are the goals of ELP?

  1. To build a foundation for leadership on the West Chester University campus.
  2. To promote interaction, idea-sharing, and communication among student leaders.
  3. To encourage involvement in co-curricular activities that enhance leadership development and the academic experience at West Chester.
  4. To create opportunities for individuals to gain confidence in their own abilities and develop the skills, ethics, and vision necessary to help organizations and the community to grow and achieve their respective goals.

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate.

EXPLORE Residential Leadership Series

The EXPLORE Leadership series is offered in partnership with Residence Life & Housing Services that is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. Five workshops are offered in the fall semester series  and Five workshops are offered in the spring semester series.  Participants are encouraged to attend all 4 workshops  with the same facilitators, however; if they cannot then they are encouraged to attend another session on the topic that they need. Students must attend 1 workshop on each topic during a semester in order to successfully complete the EXPLORE series that semester.  Participants that attend all 8 workshops will receive a special recognition.

To sign up for the series register on RamConnect.


Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

Personal Best Leadership Series, sponsored by State Farm

The Personal Best Leadership Series  is based off of the best-selling book by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, entitled The Leadership Challenge. Students are nominated by faculty & staff to participate and are invited to submit an application for acceptance into the program. Each year,students are selected, representing a broad sample of the student population. Besides receiving a free copy of the book, participants are assessed using the Leadership Practices Inventory to showcase their personal strengths and challenges.

Participation:  First and second year students are encouraged to participate. 

Annual Student Leadership Summit, sponsored by State Farm

The Annual Student Leadership Summit is sponsored by State Farm. This leadership experience is a fun, jam-packed evening of breakout sessions and inspiring keynote speakers to provide students with exciting leadership development information. This experience is geared towards new and seasoned leaders. Educational breakout sessions created to help you build your interpersonal skills and make you more marketable in today’s job market.  Interact with former student leaders who have created successful careers from their leadership experiences at WCU!   Do not miss this incredible opportunity to further yourself as a leader both on and off-campus. Registration on RamConnect will open in February 2022. 

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

Leadership Coaching-4 one on one sessions. Sign up on RamConnect 
Book Club begins after Spring Break -Reserve your book on RamConnect

Ruby Jones Conference on Race, Social Justice and Civic Engagement sponsored by State Farm

The Ruby Jones conference formally knon as the The Multicultural/Diversity Student Leadership Conference Funded in part by State Farm, this leadership opportunity is in its eleventh year.   This is an annual conference where the emphasis is placed on providing programs specifically for all students to help them understand leadership from their perspective and how to work together in our ever-growing multicultural world. Additionally, it provides all students at West Chester University with an opportunity to broaden their definition of leadership and to participate in an event that celebrates diversity and difference in a spirit of inclusiveness.

Occurs annually in the Fall Semester. 

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

Hazing Prevention Week (Hazing Policy Management)

National Hazing Prevention week is an opportunity for campuses, schools, communities, organizations, and individuals to promote the prevention of hazing. It is observed during the last week of September each year.  The Offices of Student Leadership and Involvement and Fraternity and Sorority Life, with involvement from LEAD and Order of Omega, sponsor programming to bring attend to the problem of hazing. This week allows us to educate parents, faculty and staff, community members, local and campus police, and others so that they can more easily recognize hazing. More importantly, they can have the knowledge and skills to intervene when hazing occurs. The ultimate goal is to prevent hazing from happening in the first place! Through strong educational efforts, diligent policy reinforcement, and comprehensive and ongoing community efforts, we can accomplish that goal!

At West Chester University, the University Hazing Policy is distributed to educate all student groups with member processes at the beginning of each semester. Organizations are asked to provide a signature from each member and new member to ensure compliance with the policy. The policy is part of Hazing Prevention Week.  Additionally, all student groups are educated

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

Certificate Program for Leadership and Civic Engagement

The Certificate Program for Leadership and Civic Engagement is an initiative created by the Honors College. The certificate program is open to all students and is another opportunity for academically motivated students to engage in the study of leadership issues related to civic need and social action. Through curricular and co-curricular activities, students will sharpen their skill and practice in communication, leadership development, global awareness, recognition of diversity, and community service. Upon completion of the certificate requirements, students will receive certificate recognition on their official University transcript.  Please contact Kevin Dean at for more information. 

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

Minor in Civic and Professional Development

CAPC approved the Leadership Minor in 2015.  Incorporated into the Honors College as it’s “home”, this inter-disciplinary minor provides any WCU student with the ability to participate in leadership themed courses, as well as, allowing them to use existing courses in their respective majors to complete the requirements.

  1. Graduates will have an ability to reflect upon their own skills and limitations as leaders, evidenced by performance in working with groups. 
  2. Study the ethical dimensions of leadership- Foster ethicaldecision-making through critical analysis, problem solving, and discussions about integrity and character
  3. Students will refine their communication skills and learn about group dynamics
  4. Students will critically examine culture other than their own, and apply the knowledge gained in their personal and professional lives.
  5. Students will demonstrate an understanding of key theories of organizational behavior and change, and to apply these theories in an organizational setting. Studies include an understanding of how organizations function, and how change can be affected within organizations and in society in general

Participation:  Any WCU Student can participate

HON 355-80 Nobel Peace Leadership Series

Professor: Dr. Kevin W. Dean, Honors College

This course is designed to explore strategies leaders employ as they seek the establishment of peace. Case studies are drawn from Nobel Peace laureates. The Office of Student Leadership and Involvement partners and supports this course. Students must be enrolled in the course to be a part of this series. Please contact Kevin Dean at for more information.

Participation:  Only those students enrolled in this course may participate.

Leadership Consultants 

Leadership Consultants provide assistance to other departments, organizations, staff, programs, or events at West Chester University. Hired from among the 13,000+ undergraduate student body, Leadership Consultants serve as a resource for student organizations and their leadership.  LC’s facilitate leadership programs, coordinate the details surrounding a variety of leadership activities from leadership conferences to leadership series. They serve as office ambassadors to the campus population and encourage involvement in leadership positions. 

Apply to be on for 2023-2024 on Handshake

Participation:  Any student who successfully completes the interview process

Captain’s Leadership Advancement Series for varsity athletic team captains

This program has been intentionally designed for team captains of our varsity athletic program. It provides advanced leadership training that helps to develop critical skills and insights that will be necessary for captains to be vocal leaders and enhance the overall experience of their teammates. Topics of sessions include What is Leadership, Conflict and Conflict Management, Leadership Styles, and What is your Legacy?  All participants will take the Leadership Practices Inventory which will identify leadership strengths and challenges.

Participation:  Open to any varsity athlete currently serving as a captain or someone who has been identified as a potential future captain.

Horrocks Emerging Leaders Conference for Varsity Athletes

The Horrocks Emerging Leaders Conference is a component of the Michael Horrocks Leadership Institute for Varsity Athletes.  The Institute is named after a former West Chester University quarterback and graduate who lost his life as one of the co-pilots of one of the planes that went into one of the twin towers on September 11, 2001.  It is in honor of him and his sacrifice that we sought and received permission to name this Institute after him.  The Horrocks Emerging Leaders Conference is one of the components of the overall Institute.  Student athletes are chosen by coaches & captains to participate in the institute.  This one day event is designed to provide leadership training and development to a select group of outstanding first years, sophomores and juniors who, as recognized leaders, will be taking on the mantle of leadership as future captains and team leaders. Upper class student-athletes may serve as peer mentors and discussion leaders during this event.  Special focus is on character building, ethical decision-making, and responsibility.

To learn more check out this video.

Participation:  This event is open for new Varsity Athletes. 

Spring Executive Board Training Retreat

The Executive Board Training Retreat allows current executive board members of various clubs and organizations to participate in a leadership experience in a retreat-like setting focusing on leadership, involvement and self-development. Heading into its sixth year, this event continues to attract some of the most powerful student leaders on campus looking for opportunities for personal growth and networking.

For 2023 this will occur during the April 4th Council of Organizations Meeting

Participation:  Only elected executive board members are able to participate – specifically, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurers and Secretaries

Sports Club Leadership Series

The purpose of the Sports Club Leadership Series is to provide leadership training to executive board members of our various sports clubs.  As leaders of athletic teams, they have unique leadership issues that necessitate a separate leadership series that helps them understand the intricacies of leading both members and a team. In this inaugural year, Campus Recreation, Sports Club Council, and the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement sponsored three workshops that covered leadership development topics for emerging and current leaders in the WCU sports club community. Ultimate goal was to help them understand your role and function as a leader on your team to make your next season the best season yet!

In 2023 Sports Clubs will receive information about this series in February along with sign up information. 

Participation:  Executive board members of one of our recognized student sports clubs

Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honorary

Membership in Omicron Delta Kappa is as much an obligation and responsibility in leadership as it is a mark of highest distinction and honor. Membership is awarded to undergraduate junior and senior students; to graduate students; to faculty, staff, administration and alumni; and to persons qualifying for membership "honoris causa." Student membership is open only to individuals currently enrolled at institutions with active Omicron Delta Kappa Circles. Student membership candidates must rank in the upper 35 percent in scholarship of their school or college and must show leadership in at least one of five areas: scholarship; athletics; campus or community service, social and religious activities, and campus government; journalism, speech, and the mass media; and creative and performing arts. An individual achieving distinction in his or her chosen profession or rendering outstanding service through leadership may be elected to honorary membership (honoris causa). We partner with the Honors College in supporting this honorary.  Please contact Dr. Kevin Dean at if you need additional information.

Participation:  Only juniors, seniors and graduate students can apply

Global Leadership Series

As a continuation of leadership learning from those who have completed the Leadership Challenge, the Executive Leadership Series, or have achieved Certified Student Leader status, the Global Leadership Series was created. This five-part series explores an individual’s desire to understand the impact leadership has on our global community. Programs on topics such as Global Diversity, Social Justice, Environment and sustainability, Global Ethics and Global Resources will be the cornerstones of these programs. 

Participation:  Junior and senior students are encouraged to participate. 






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