Strategic Initiatives

The Finance and Administration team of dedicated professionals is committed to the good stewardship of West Chester University’s financial, physical, and human resources. We provide a wide range of support functions that are vital to the operation of the University and to the success of students, faculty, and staff. Our goals are to provide high-quality services, enhance the learning experience, and ensure safe and functional living and learning environments at West Chester University.

In support of the President’s Strategic Initiatives, the Finance and Administration Division has identified the following priorities:

  1. Address key budget issues
    1. Redesign the budget allocation process to support the strategic direction of the University, provide incentives for entrepreneurism, and ensure the long-term financial viability of the University.
    2. Develop budgets to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the University.
    3. Communicate budget information to key stakeholders
  2. Provide leadership for development of the University’s new strategic plan.
  3. Enhance business processes for greater efficiency and better customer service
    1. Provide training related to sound business practices to internal customers in the University.
    2. Provide customer-service training to front-line workers, supervisors, and managers in the division.
    3. Explore alternative means of delivering selected support services, both to improve service quality and to reduce costs.
    4. Identify new revenue opportunities and support other areas of the University in generating new revenues.
  4. Identify and mitigate major risks
    1. In concert with PASSHE’s internal auditor, develop and administer a risk-assessment tool to the campus.
    2. Develop and refine policies and procedures and engage in the appropriate training to ensure a safe campus.
  5. Continue community outreach efforts, which will be more important as a result of increasing enrollment, the construction of new facilities, and further expansion of the geothermal projects
    1. Provide general and focused updates to municipal leaders and the University’s residential neighbors.
    2. Provide timely responses to concerns from municipal leaders and neighbors.
  6. Provide leadership for capital improvements and completion of the comprehensive facilities plan
  7. Develop an analysis of workforce planning needs and begin implementing workforce planning to ensure that adequate talent exists to replace key individuals who might retire or otherwise leave the University in the next several years.
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