Customer Satisfaction

We in Finance and Business Services believe that all of us - our customers and ourselves - benefit from regular communication, whether it's to answer a question, solve a problem, or share a success story. While we welcome positive comments about our services, or our staff, it is equally important for us to know when you have a problem so that we can resolve it quickly and retain your confidence. At the same time, we use customer feedback to continuously improve the quality of the programs and services we provide to you. The best way to recognize the efforts of a Finance and Business Services staff member is to email the appropriate manager with your comments. Please utilize our organizational chart to assist you in identifying the correct manager. We will make every effort to ensure that the individual responsible receives the accolades that are due.

There may be times when you may have a concern with our organization or the services we provide to the campus community. We encourage you to come forward and bring your concern to our attention. We will ensure that your concern is handled in a manner that is fair, courteous, discreet, and timely.

Prior to emailing us with your concern or comment, please be sure to:

  • Assemble all relevant information concerning your complaint, paying special attention to the date of the occurrence.
  • If at all possible, obtain the name of the employee who was involved (our organizational chart ). Clarify the circumstances in your own mind and determine what you would like us to do.
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