CNM - Student Research Stipends (Not Open for Spring 2021)

This year the ORSP has committed five WCU CARES awards to students working for faculty member in the CNM.



West Chester University invites applications for our 2021 Spring West Chester Undergraduate Creative Activity and Research Experience Stipends (WCU-CARES).  The purpose of WCU-CARES is to:

  • Increase the interest in and opportunities for undergraduate in the field of Nanoscience and technology.
  • Promote scholarly collaboration between students and faculty.
  • Promote critical thinking and prepare students for careers and graduate studies in the field of nanoscience and technology.


All WCU students who will be enrolled as undergraduates during the Spring semester of 2021 may apply. These projects must be carried out during the Spring of 2021, under the mentorship of a WCU faculty member.  Applications that are not submitted by the faculty mentor will not be considered.


Up to 24 undergraduate applicants (5 from the CNM) will be chosen to receive a $500 stipend to work on research and creative activity projects for 5 hours/week for ten weeks during the Spring semester of 2020.  Students will be expected to submit a final report by May 15, 2021.


Up to 24 applicants will be selected using the following rubric:

Attribute 1 = Fair 2 = Good 3 = Exceptional
Background and Significance

Vague discussion. Some conventional or underdeveloped insight or analysis is provided about individual work, but no connections are made.

Good discussion. Adequate depth of insight/analysis.

Excellent discussion. Impressive depth of insight/analysis. Student has a firm grasp on relevant concepts.

Research or Creative Activity Plan

Inadequately explained.  There is no relationship between what the student proposes to do and why.

Student explains the approach and why the methods are good for the topic of study.

Shows evidence of exceptional insight and understanding of methodological issues in the discipline.

Faculty recommendation

does not recommend the applicant.

highly recommends the applicant, but has some reservations.





This entire application (Sections I, II, and III below) must be submitted as a pdf file to from the faculty mentor’s email address by 5:00pm on Monday, February 8, 2021.  Applications that are not submitted from the email address of the faculty mentor will not be considered.


 Student Name:

Student Email Address:                                              

Mentor Name:                                       

Mentor Email Address

Major Department:


o 1st year (freshman)        o 2nd year (sophomore)     o 3rd year (junior)  

o 4th year (senior)             o other (explain) __________________________

College or School:

o Arts & Humanities     o Business & Management     o Education & Social Work

o Health Sciences     oMusic     o Sciences & Mathematics      o Honors


Mentor Name ______________________________________________________

Mentor Department __________________________________________________

Mentor Signature and date ____________________________________________

o I have read the Updated WCU Guidance for Research and Creative Activity (in effect until May 31,2021).  If I plan to work in an on-campus laboratory or studio or at an off-campus site I will submit a submit a Research Continuity Plan to my Dean or direct supervisor. If I already have a current, approved Research Continuity Plan I will update it for the Spring semester at Research Continuity Plan- Updated for Spring 2021.

 III. RESEARCH or CREATIVE ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION (One single-spaced page with 1-inch margins to be completed by the Undergraduate Applicant and edited/proofread by the faculty mentor)

1.    Provide a brief description of your project including (a) background and significance and (b) research or creative activity plan.

2.    Provide a brief explanation of the potential impact the WCU-CARES program will have on your future career aspirations.



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