West Chester University is devoted to the mission of student success. Consistent with that mission, the university supports a variety of activities, events, and special programs designed to help students learn about their own interests and strengths, to discover their passions, and to develop the attitudes and behaviors that will promote life-long success and happiness.



Jargon Jeopardy 

The transition to college can be difficult for many.  Students often need assistance from a variety of people across campus to successfully navigate the university environment, to understand what’s expected of them, and to know how to complete required procedures in good time.  At WCU, we want you to know that we are here to help you with this process.

 Those of us who have lived, studied, and worked on a university campus for several (or more) years are accustomed to the rhythms of academic life and the language of the academy.  We understand where to go to ask for help.  We’ve learned what functions the Registrar’s Office serves, what a “Bursar” is, and why a syllabus is an important document for both students and faculty.  But, if you’re new to university life, the unfamiliar terms and processes that make so much sense to the rest of us may leave you feeling confused and lost. 

 Jargon Jeopardy is a game designed to help you learn the language of the university and to familiarize you with the resources and support services available to you on campus.  You can play alone or with friends.  Consider a team competition!  Have fun learning about WCU and about what WCU can offer you.

Jargon Jeopardy Game 1 

Jargon Jeopardy Game 2

Jargon Jeopardy Game 3