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Philips Memorial Hall
Room 103
700 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3405

Dr. R. Lorraine Bernotsky
Executive Vice President and Provost

Kristi Borman
Executive Associate to the Provost

Meet the Staff

Headshot of Laurie B

Dr. R. Lorraine (Laurie) Bernotsky 
Executive Vice President 
Professor of Public Policy & Administration

Dr. Bernotsky provides leadership in the areas of curriculum development and program review, assessment, accreditation, and academic policies. She also serves as a liaison with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and ensures that the West Chester University environment supports diversity, inclusion and civility. In addition, Dr. Bernotsky is responsible for the completion and implementation of the graduate strategic plan.

Jeffery Osgood headshot

Dr. Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr. 
Senior Vice Provost 
Dean, School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies 
Professor of Public Policy & Administration

Dr. Osgood serves as the principal deputy to the Provost and represents her to the university community. As Senior Vice Provost, he advises the Provost on a wide range of matters of institutional importance, including operational and strategic planning. Dr. Osgood has primary responsibility for providing leadership in the areas of academic program and policy development, accreditation, assessment, faculty and staff development, program review, and serves as liaison with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the Middle States Commission of Higher Education. As Senior Vice Provost, he supports and provides leadership for the Office of Institutional Research, the Teaching Learning and Assessment Center, the University’s Libraries, and University College. Additionally, Dr. Osgood serves as Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies, which includes the Office of Graduate Studies, the Honors College, and key university-wide academic programs that are interdisciplinary in nature.

Corrine Murphy headshot

Dr. Corinne M. Murphy
Vice Provost (Interim)
Professor of Special Education

Dr. Murphy serves as the Vice Provost (Interim) of Academic Affairs and Acting Dean of the Honors College at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in West Chester, Pennsylvania (July 2017 to present). She maintains a wide portfolio of responsibilties supporting the Provost and Senior Vice Provost, including the university's academic programs and policies, accreditations, faculty and staff development, program review, and academic, as well as conduct-based, probation, dismissal, and readmission decisions. She facilitates the development, interpretation, and implementation of courses, programs, policies, regulations, and procedures related to the Division's academic programs. Additionally, Dr. Murphy is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and serves as the grant director for the PA State System of Higher Education Autism Support Grant.

Joseph Santivasci headshot

Mr. Joseph Santivasci 
Assistant Provost 
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

Mr. Santivasci leads the enrollment management division consisting of the offices of admissions, financial aid, registrar, and enrollment management support. Responsibilities include strategic planning for academic facilities, enrollment, program capacity, and course demand. Additionally, Mr. Santivasci provides leadership related to administrative technologies, academic policy administration, catalog and curriculum management, transfer legislation, core-to-core agreements, and student services.

Jennifer Loeper headshot

Jennifer Loeper 
Associate Director of Enrollment Management and Campus Planning

The Associate Director is part of the Enrollment Management & Planning unit within Academic Affairs. This position provides tactical leadership for new initiatives and projects related to space planning and enrollment management. This individual oversees information gathering, needs analysis, project life cycle tasks, logistics, and timelines. The associate director communicates project activities and progress regularly and effectively to senior leadership for strategic guidance. Additionally, they are the liaison and point of contact amongst the stake holders handling issues, providing feedback and updates, and ensuring projects stay on task, within scope, and on budget.

Kristi Borman headshot

Kristi Borman 
Executive Associate to the Provost

Kristi supports the Academic Affairs Division and works effectively within an environment of distributed leadership. She is responsible for the daily administration of the Provost Office and supervision of clerical staff and manages projects within certain deadlines. In conjunction with the Provost, Kristi works closely with deans, Human Resources and faculty union on all aspects of the collective bargaining agreement, including workload and pay issues. She works on a variety of issues and projects for the Provost such as administrative searches, providing data, and writing reports. She coordinates summer school workloads and payroll for faculty and also serves as a liaison to senior administrators, chairs of campus committees, legal counsel, and State System administrators.

Mary Pat Werley headshot

Mary Pat Werley 
Academic Affairs Budget Manager

Mary Pat has overall responsibility for budget planning and coordination within the Academic Affairs division. She works closely with executive Academic Affairs officers, including the Vice-President for Academic Affairs/Provost, the deans and the division directors to provide leadership, support and guidance for fiscal related matters of this division including planning, forecasting, expenditure control, and revenue enhancement. Mary Pat accomplishes these tasks by conducting financial and non-financial data analysis including reconciliation, modeling, projections and performance/productivity assessments. She also assists new deans and directors to acclimate them to the campus' decentralized environment. In addition, Mary Pat works as a liaison and is on various committees and task forces on Campus.

Margo McDonough headshot

Margo McDonough 

Margo assists the Office of the Provost in preparing oral remarks, as well as developing ideas and writing content for newsletters, reports, and correspondence. She also is on the staff of the Office of the President and helps that office with writing and research projects.

Megan Mullertz headshot

Megan Mullertz 
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Provost

Megan is responsible for providing administrative support to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. She works closely with the College Deans Offices and Human Resources to handle such faculty items as new hire contracts, evaluations, travel forms, and retirement, resignation and leave notices. She maintains the Provost's calendar, coordinates the Annual Faculty Service Recognition Event, and provides support to the Tenure and Promotion committee.

Evelyn Doran headshot

Evelyn Doran 
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Provost and Assistant Provost

Evelyn provides a variety of administrative support for the Associate Provost and Graduate Dean, Assistant Provost and AVP for Strategic Enrollment Management and the AVP for Academic Affairs. She coordinates large meetings, maintains calendars, monitors budgets, honorarium and expense requests including Staff Development and Committee for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. In addition she provides support for New Faculty Orientation and prepares materials for Academic and Non-Academic Program Review.

Loretta Rieser-Danner headshot

Dr. Loretta Rieser-Danner 
Interim Associate Provost for Student Success

As the Interim Associate Provost for Student Success, Dr. Rieser-Danner serves as the Provost’s liaison to a wide variety of student success efforts and programs across campus. She is working to create a centralized location for campus-wide student success information and to link the student success efforts of multiple divisions across campus, particularly those of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. She is working with representatives of multiple university offices and divisions to develop models for predicting student success using existing tools and data and to identify specific groups of students in need of support services to improve academic success. She is also supporting the work of a campus-wide group dedicated to closing equity gaps with regard to access, retention, and graduation rates.

Judy Oulouhojian headshot

Judy Oulouhojian 
Academic Affairs Budget Associate

Judy performs budgetary analysis and project management assignments that support the Academic Affairs Division. She works closely with the Academic Affairs Budget Manager and the Vice Provost. She is responsible for tracking the financial status for these areas through reconciliation, problem solving, and analysis. Judy works closely with the university college mangers to ensure accuracy and timeliness of divisional budget entries, and serves as a liaison with divisional staff, the budget office, and the payroll office for supplemental faculty payments.

Christine Siegl

Christine Siegl 
Director of Academic Affairs Agreements and Contracts

Christine drafts and reviews affiliation agreements for student internships, field placement, study abroad, and international student and faculty exchange, as well as articulation agreements, and dual enrollment agreements. She works closely with Dr. Osgood to ensure that our agreements promote the academic advancement of our students and faculty. She also works closely with our legal counsel at PASSHE to ensure that our agreements and contracts are within legal compliance and are timely, accurate, and clear in protecting the excellence of our students, staff, faculty, and programs. In addition, Christine coordinates with our legal counsel to provide a campus response to subpoenas and litigation. Christine brings many years of paralegal experience to our team.


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