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Sabbatical Presentation


Sabbatical - Memo from the SaLe

Sent on behalf of the Sabbatical Leave Committee:

As a reminder to faculty, all sabbatical proposals will be submitted and reviewed in the fall of each academic year. Applications will be reviewed in the fall semester only. To prepare please read the deadlines below.

The Sabbatical Leave Committee invites all tenured faculty members to apply for next year’s round of sabbatical leaves. The deadline is 4 p.m. on Friday, September 15, 2023.

All documents related to sabbaticals may be found by going to the There you will be able to access the sabbatical overview, policy, forms, and examples of successful applications from past years.

Review of proposals will occur only during the fall semester. A proposal submitted in Fall 2023 can apply for a sabbatical in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025. Because sabbatical applications must be submitted at least two semesters in advance, faculty members cannot apply in the fall semester for a sabbatical to be taken in the spring semester immediately following submission of the application.


The faculty member is responsible for obtaining Chairperson's and Dean's comments and signatures for the completed proposal in order to submit to the Provost’s office. ALL sabbaticals will be submitted electronically and therefore e-signatures will be accepted. All completed applications will be submitted as an electronic PDF via email to Please put “Sabbatical Application” in the subject line. All emails are due by 4 p.m. on Friday, September 15, 2023. All applications must be complete, including the cover checklist, all pages of the form, and all required signatures. Incomplete applications or applications received after the published deadline will not be reviewed by the SaLe Committee.

Sabbatical leave applications are reviewed using the following rating scale:

  1. Up to 70 points for the quality of the project
  2. Up to 20 points for meritorious service
  3. Up to 10 points for years of service


The SaLe Committee requests that applicants:

  1. Adhere to word limits listed on the application form in every section of the application.
  2. Include letters of support for collaborative projects with another individual, group, or university.
  3. Offer a detailed description of service activities in Section 11 of the application form. 

By December 15th, the President or his/her designee notifies the faculty of sabbatical leaves granted.

Members of the 2023 SaLe Committee who can help answer questions about the application process include.

Sabbatical & Leave Co-Chairs

Rachel McMullin, University Libraries  

Jacqueline Van Schooneveld, Early and Middle Grades Education