Trustees' Achievement Award

The Council of Trustees recognizes distinguished creative achievements by current West Chester University faculty members through its TRUSTEES' ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.


  • Certificate citing the awardee’s contributions.
  • $1000 to support scholarly activities.
  • 1/4 alternate workload assignment for one academic year to continue research in the area of the award or in a related field. The activities to be conducted during the alternate workload assignment are to be stipulated at the time of the nomination, and a written report is to be submitted to the Council of Trustees at the end of the year.


The nominee must be employed by West Chester University and be tenured with at least six years experience at the time the application is submitted and the time that the award is presented. No recipient may receive the award more than once.

To be considered for the award, a faculty member must be nominated by a member of the University community, including Deans and the Academic Vice President (no self-nomination will be accepted).

Nomination should be made for a specific, original contribution to the nominee’s discipline, while a member of the WCU faculty and within four years preceding the nomination. The contribution may consist of either a collective body of work or of a research study, scholarly paper, literary work, musical composition, work of art, or some similar significant accomplishment.

The minimum requirement for nomination is that the contribution meet any of the following criteria:

  • Publication of a significant article in a major national or international journal
  • Publication by a recognized publisher
  • Recognition by a major professional organization in the discipline
  • Presentation, by invitation, before a national or international conference
  • A significant review in a major publication, including the press
  • In the case of a work of art, the object/performance has been judged by testimonials of distinguished professionals in the field as extraordinary in design, concept, and execution OR the object/performance has opened new possibilities of creativity for the discipline.

Application Process

The application, submitted by the nominator, must include the following:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Nomination letter that explains how the nominee meets the requirements, as well as evidence of the quality, originality and significance of the work.
  • Copy of the work to be evaluated.
  • Narrative by nominee (not to exceed 4 double-spaced pages), including a description of the research activities to be conducted by the nominee during the year when the alternate workload is assigned. 
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae (not to exceed 5 single-spaced pages).

Nomination deadline is April 1, 2024.

Submit the application as a PDF attachment to Ms. Megan Fahey at

Evaluation Criteria

After preliminary screening by the University’s Academic Recognition Committee (including a possible interview), a panel of distinguished scholars from other colleges and universities will review the nominee’s achievement. A member of the West Chester University staff will serve as a non-voting member of the panel to coordinate and facilitate the work of the panel. The panel will review the work for which the nominee has been cited and evaluate it for significance, quality and originality. It will then report its findings, together with its recommendation, to the Council of Trustees who will act on the panel's recommendation.

Award Presentation

Award announced at the May meeting of the Council of Trustees. Individual selected for the award will be honored at the University's December commencement ceremonies.

The University will maintain a permanent plaque on which will be inscribed the name of the award recipients.

Previous Awardees

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