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Letter from the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Tracey Robinson

This is an exciting time at West Chester University as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the University!  While women have been a part of its legacy since the beginning, the diversity of women at WCU has evolved greatly.   West Chester University continues to recognize the need to support women’s leadership, gender equity, and foster a welcoming an inclusive university climate that affords equal opportunities for women to study, live, and work at the University.  The President’s Commission on the Status of Women serves as a central point of contact, connection, and advocacy.  Annually, their leadership works to create a diverse forum of women faculty, staff, and students from across the university to fulfill its mission and advance the University’s efforts.  The 150th Anniversary serves as a time to honor the courage, determination, and contributions of many outstanding and everyday women of WCU that make a difference.  As we celebrate these important legacies and milestones, it advances the pace and priorities as we look towards the future.   

As the University’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, I look forward to continued partnership with the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, building on their exceptional growth, achievements, and excellence for Women of WCU!  I encourage all faculty, staff, students, and alumni to join the celebration of the many notable and diverse women of WCU and what they have meant to the university, state, region, and nation.   

Tracey Robinson, Ph.D.
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer 


Letter from the Chair of Commission - Dr. Juanita Wooten & Dr. Lisa C. Huebner

Hello Everyone!

We are Dr. Juanita Wooten and Dr. Lisa Huebner. As this year’s Chair and Past Chair of the WCU President’s Commission on the Status of Women, it is our honor and privilege to welcome you to West Chester University’s 150 most influential women as part of our university’s 150th Anniversary Celebration. This project is a brainchild of our membership and one of our many accomplishments throughout the years that celebrate and support women.

For over ten years, the Women’s Commission has worked to improve the lives of all people on campus, but especially those who identify as women, nonbinary, and femme. We make sure our membership extends throughout all divisions and colleges to ensure that students, staff, and faculty have equal voice when making recommendations to the president, cabinet, and other administrators. We collaborate with women’s commissions throughout the PASSHE system, the Chester County Women’s Commission, and other community organizations that strive for equity and inclusion.

Some examples of our recommendations that have been put in place include continued campus climate assessments, support for parents and caretakers, equitable signage and spaces, and various leadership initiatives. Some of our current activities include research and advocacy for caretakers during COVID-19, research and advocacy to support women of color, and activities (including paid internships!) to support students. We continue to explore ways to improve the use of inclusive language and consistently check in with our membership to address issues as they emerge. As you can observe, we are a hardworking, committed group of professionals who has worked diligently to bring forth the needs of women throughout the years. We appreciate all the support and trust the WCU community provides us to move forth with our mission.

Please join us as we congratulate this prestigious group of women and all those who were nominated. Your hard work, dedication, service, and commitment have greatly contributed to the successes of West Chester University, which inspires us to do the same for many years to come.


Dr. Juanita Wooten
Women’s Commission, Chair

Dr. Lisa C. Huebner
Women’s Commission, Past Chair


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